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Welcome to Salem Hypnosis. Home of Empowered Within.

At Salem Hypnosis, we have various popular hypnosis and hypnotherapy collection cds, programs, custom hypnosis, and hypnosis mp3 downloads FREE. Each meditation, subliminal suggestion, relaxation, visualization, or hypnosis CD , MP3  or APP features Kerie Logan’s voice with soothing background music. Kerie is also a life coach and has worked with people all over the globe to live a better life. There are several free hypnosis, meditation and imagery mp3s. Checkout Salem Hypnosis wide selection of tools today!

Empowered Within

How Can Empowered Within Help YOU Solve Your Problems?

Are you under going stress, worried, lack of sleep, struggling with bad habits, and/or lack of self-confidence? No doubt you will find it hard to overcome those old desires and bad habits that reside in your subconscious mind when life is hard. How does this happen? Well your can be a resistive part of your subconscious mind that is sabotaging your efforts to change. Your habits are on autopilot. I am sure you “consciously” know what you should or could be doing, but your subconscious mind is your main operating system. Here is a perfect example we have all done at least once. You can tell yourself, “This is the last chip, cookie, or bite I am going to have”, and before you know it, your hand is already shoveling food into your mouth. Why? Well we all all programmed at a young age to “believe” that food=comfort, if it taste good=eat more, and when you feel bad=you might eat something unhealthy to make yourself feel better. Therefore, when we all are overwhelmed, stressed out, depressed, and/or emotionally drained, we will seek an “outside” source of comfort such as:

– Food         – Alcohol               – Smoking           -Drugs             – Gambling
– Procrastination            – Other Addictive Behaviors

Hypnosis, meditation, NLP, guided imagery, subliminal suggestions, and various relaxation techniques allows easy access to your subconscious mind; to this restrictive part of you so that you can change your behaviors. Think of it as the door is no longer shut, but now open to the very part of your mind that has the “automatic programmed issue(s)“. When you allow yourself to become relaxed while listening to one of my recordings, you will be able to install a new “positive automatic program” into your subconscious mind. This will mean overtime (28-30 days), you will be able to remove the “negative/destructive” habits, behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes. You will find yourself learning to forget about the bad habits, you feel more relaxed, positive, resilient, and/or at peace with your world. So now your conscious mind can achieve its goals of being healthy, happy, free, and living the life you want! All of my products are designed to HELP YOU TODAY to get out of your rut, so you can start living!


So how will you use it? Will you…
Lose weight to look and feel more healthy?
Stop Smoking to regain your health and self-control?
Improve self confidence to belief in yourself and feel great?
Reduce stress  and anxiety, so you can let the little things go and enjoy life?
Resolve sexual issues to enjoy healthy intimacy?
Re-direct anger into a more positive self expression?
Remove depression that constantly drains your energy levels?
Stop drinking alcohol or cut back, so you can sleep better at night even without drinking any liquor, wine or beer ever again?
Release insomnia so that you can quiet the chattering mind, sleep through the night, and feel more alive?
Increase concentration to pass a test or exam?
Improve public speaking abilities or sales presentations?
Overcome your addictions and start celebrating life in a more healthy way?
– Enhance passion in your relationship?
Overcome your fear(s) and phobias, so you will feel more free?
Help your child improve his/her grades, feel more confident, release any fears?
– …or will you just feel better about yourself?


Empowered Within’s hypnosis audio series is one of the most effective and successful throughout the world as well as locally within the Salem, Oregon area. On our website you can read several global and local client success stories using hypnosis, meditation and guided imagery. Kerie Logan has been producing hypnosis recordings for over 10 years now and has over 1,000 various titles. Let us help you create positive changes within your life using hypnosis, meditation or imagery.




At Salem Hypnosis we have Audio Recording MP3’s for:

Addictions                            – Affirming & Focusing               – Alcohol Addiction

Anger Management           – Anxiety Overcoming                 – Biology of Belief/Self Healing

Body Image                          – Business Skills                            – Cancer

Change Self                           – Child Birth                                   – Children & Teens

Confidence                            – Creative Visualization              – Dealing with Difficult People

Death                                      – Depression                                  – Exams

Exercise                                  – Fears & Phobias                         – Forgiveness

FREE MP3’s                          – Grief/Loss                                   – Guided Imagery

Habits & Disorders              – Healing Self                                – Health

Help Hypnosis                     – Hypnotherapy                           – Inner Child Healing

Insomnia/Sleep                   – Meditation                                  – Memory

Metaphors                            – Negative Thinking                     – NLP

Pain Management              – Performance                              – Personal Development

Personal Empowerment   – Procrastination                         – Progression/Regression

Prosperity                            – Psychic Development              – PTSD & Traumas

Public Speaking                  – Relationship Help                   – Relaxation

Sales Improvement           – Self Hypnosis                           – Self Hypnosis Techniques

Sexuality                             – Shamanic Journey                  – Skin Problems

Sports Performance           – Stop Smoking                         – Stress Relief

Study Habits                      – Stuttering                                  – Subliminal

Surgery & Recovery           – Universal Law of Attraction

Weight Gain                     – Weight Loss                             – Worry

In 2012, Kerie wrote a law of attraction book to not only support her existing Salem, Oregon clients and global clients, but millions around the world. Each hypnosis or meditation CD is $16.95 each and online hypnotherapy or guided imagery MP3 $3.99 each. Custom hypnosis cd only $100.00. Salem, Oregon Life coach  sessions only $50.00.

At Salem Hypnosis located in Oregon and home of Empowered Within, you can discover your own personal power and transform your life with self healing hypnosis cds, meditation cd, relaxation technique cds, download self help hypnosis cds, beginner creative visualization mp3, meditation app, and/or subliminal suggestion-messages audio recording cds by Kerie Logan, Certified Clinical Female Hypnotherapy.


Four Time Award Winner – Voted Best Hypnotist of Salem Oregon for Hypnotism

2011PlaqueGreen 2012PlaqueGold
2013PlaqueRed2015 best hypnotist salem oregon

At Empowered Within we have various hypnosis, hypnotherapy, meditation, relaxation, NLP, and guided imagery programs for:

– Weight Loss using hypnosis

– Quit smoking with hypnosis

– Alcohol Addiction hypnosis

– Anger Management hypnotherapy

– Hypnobirthing

– Self healing and cancer patient support using guided imagery

– Pain Reduction and Management with hypnosis

– Stress Reduction and Anxiety Relief hypnosis

– Breakthrough and Removing Personal Blocks with NLP

– Personal Empowerment with hypnotherapy

– Learn to relax and let go with guided meditation



At our Salem Hypnosis website, we have several free hypnosis videos for:

Hypnosis for Depression and Anxiety
Grief Support Meditation
Hypnosis for Pain Management
NLP Techniques
Different Breathing Exercises
Guided Meditation for Fear
Guided Imagery for Cancer Patients
Hypnosis for Sleep and Insomnia
Mindfulness Meditation for Business Success
The Sea – Guided Relaxation Technique
Hypnosis Power Nap
10 Steps to Self Hypnosis


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At Empowered Within we strive to empower local clients within the Salem Oregon community as well as people from around the world. We have the largest selection of mindfulness meditation, guided imagery, creative visualization, NLP, hypnotherapy, relaxation techniques, metaphors, subliminal suggestions and hypnosis. We have different formats to meet your needs such as cd, cds, mp3, mp3 download, app, custom, and iTunes. Let us help you create positive changes within your life! If you do not see a title that you are searching for, send us an email at We will do our best to support you in living a better life! We work locally with clients from Salem, Portland, Eugene, Turner, Medford, Wilsonville as well as with the Washington state. You can find us on the following links at yellowpages, bbb, youtube, marciatkins, blogspot, prlog, vnseo, local, similar, digdo, altervista, musavision, talk, boxwind, lifecoachspotter, hotfrog, mbiz, topalternate, enveoline, erthbon, cure, wordpress, healthshake, mdjunction, yaledaily, useoursite, naja, meltdata, manhuntdaily, onet, nzmrk, mhann, must, myfamilyhealth, merchantcircle, icq, smashwords, majestic, oregonlive, mrc, alternative, baywideweb, 5go, ciw, yask, premiumclinic, akama, addictiontreatment, secretsearch, staged, howto, 30dp, esmuy, yourstore, smartphoneguide,here, dreamtime, seokicks, grid, mar, uk, info, triangle, webstats, frequency, eud, 3owl, iso, catt, quantcast, directory, google, movie1234, keywords, hgh,balance, spoke, imda, cpmarket, ami, sue, healer, 1912, copywriter, hire, buknow, fukkad, lifecoachdircomm, domaintools, certified, xoom, territ, il, iact, frompo, datalost, mentalhelp, ranl, injury,sky, nickeysurf, dmoz, cbel, jom, odsol, bed, alestats, signbridge, letsmeditate, denver, port, vehicle, copub, savingstory, keywords, rankstats, omplace, performance anxiety, corin, abc, sust, storereviews, rehabs, day,catnews, theherb, vision, bz, webwiki, cele,vegas, jedi, netz, intergrative, slider, blogger, prevent hair loss, accounting lessions online, ias,, domain, phillip, hypnosisonline, factory, stuffgate, webpageowner, goodsearch, xlx,yellowbot, new york, texas, downote, myaudi, detox, camsports, webwiki, stagehypnotist, sitetrail, hmo, bulimia, nomoz, remasy, healthcareadviser, junior info, hale, credit debit relief, healthcare management degree, inter, medicine online, m help, drill, drjillsguy, leather leaf jacket,expired domain, casinoca, wanna make, morefunz, open minds therapy, gig, art, akyette, creditcard debt relief, healthysense, hypnosis alliance, sitebook, yahoo, ncnos, 3moz, statsnode, youtube, card printing, info, satisfied shopping, thumb shot, drug rehab help line, zoozz,, infotrz, 1d4, 3minecraft,, scotties canvas,, dickhardt, hypno info, fengshuisourcesrobertottohypnosisfinancialdataseeku.defreeparkedwebpagesengine.infodmozmortonsfoothypnosensepopulardirectorynaturalherbsguidewixhypnosisstudioscitechstarter