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Home of Salem Oregon hypnotist Kerie Logan, where I have various popular hypnosis and hypnotherapy collection cds, programs, custom hypnosis, and mp3 downloads. Each hypnotherapy audio CD or MP3 features my female voice with soothing background music. There are several free self hypnosis mp3 downloads, meditation mp3 as well as free guided imagery mp3s. Checkout hypnosis Salem Oregon today!

Empowered Within’s hypnosis audio series is one of the most effective and successful throughout the world as well as locally within the Salem, Oregon area. On our website you can read several global and local client success stories using hypnosis, meditation and guided imagery. Kerie Logan has been producing hypnosis recordings for over 10 years now and has over 1,000 various titles.


At Hypnosis Salem Oregon we have Audio Recording MP3’s for:

Addictions                            – Affirming & Focusing               – Alcohol Addiction

Anger Management           – Anxiety Overcoming                 – Biology of Belief/Self Healing

Body Image                          – Business Skills                            – Cancer

Change Self                           – Child Birth                                   – Children & Teens

Confidence                            – Creative Visualization              – Dealing with Difficult People

Death                                      – Depression                                  – Exams

Exercise                                  – Fears & Phobias                         – Forgiveness

FREE MP3’s                          – Grief/Loss                                   – Guided Imagery

Habits & Disorders              – Healing Self                                – Health

Help Hypnosis                     – Hypnotherapy                           – Inner Child Healing

Insomnia/Sleep                   – Meditation                                  – Memory

Metaphors                            – Negative Thinking                     – NLP

Pain Management              – Performance                              – Personal Development

Personal Empowerment   – Procrastination                         – Progression/Regression

Prosperity                            – Psychic Development              – PTSD & Traumas

Public Speaking                  – Relationship Help                   – Relaxation

Sales Improvement           – Self Hypnosis                           – Self Hypnosis Techniques

Sexuality                             – Shamanic Journey                  – Skin Problems

Sports Performance           – Stop Smoking                         – Stress Relief

Study Habits                      – Stuttering                                  – Subliminal

Surgery & Recovery           – Universal Law of Attraction

Weight Gain                     – Weight Loss                             – Worry

In 2012, Kerie wrote a law of attraction book to not only support her existing Salem, Oregon clients and global clients, but millions around the world. Each hypnosis or meditation CD is $16.95 each and online hypnotherapy or guided imagery MP3 Downloads $3.99 each.Custom hypnosis cd only $100.00. Life coach spotter sessions only $50.00.

At hypnosis Salem Oregon and home of Empowered Within, you can discover your own personal power and transform your life with self healing hypnosis cd’s, meditation cd, relaxation technique cd’s, download self help hypnosis cd’s, beginner creative visualization mp3, or subliminal suggestion-messages audio recording cd’s by Kerie Logan, Certified Clinical Female Hypnotherapy.


Three Time Award Winner – Voted Best Hypnotist of Salem Oregon for Hypnotism

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At Empowered Within we have various hypnosis, hypnotherapy, meditation, relaxation, NLP, and guided imagery programs for:

- Weight Loss using hypnosis

- Quit smoking with hypnosis

- Alcohol Addiction hypnosis

- Anger Management hypnotherapy

- Hypnobirthing

- Self healing and cancer patient support using guided imagery

- Pain Reduction and Management with hypnosis

- Stress Reduction and Anxiety Relief hypnosis

- Breakthrough and Removing Personal Blocks with NLP

- Personal Empowerment with hypnotherapy

- Learn to relax and let go with guided meditation



At our Hypnosis Salem Oregon website, we have several free hypnosis videos for:

Hypnosis for Depression and Anxiety
Grief Support Meditation
Hypnosis for Pain Management
NLP Techniques
Different Breathing Exercises
Guided Meditation for Fear
Guided Imagery for Cancer Patients
Hypnosis for Sleep and Insomnia
Mindfulness Meditation for Business Success
The Sea – Guided Relaxation Technique
Hypnosis Power Nap
10 Steps to Self Hypnosis

Do you take Health Insurance

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At Empowered Within we strive to empower local clients within the Salem Oregon community as well as people from around the world. We have the largest selection of mindfulness meditation, guided imagery, creative visualization, NLP, hypnotherapy, relaxation techniques, metaphors, and self hypnosis. If you do not see a title that you are searching for, send us an email at empoweredwithin@yahoo.com. We will do our best to support you in living a better life!