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We offer over 900 mp3 downloads, CDs, custom and personalized recordings, programs, coaching services, and more.

Individual Coaching

At times, one can stuck in unhealthy thought patterns, beliefs, behaviors, or lifestyle. All these unlimiting patterns keep a person stuck, which can make someone depressed, angry, experience anxiety, and start to doubt one’s skills and abilities. Let me support you in better understanding yourself and other people. I am trauma informed, a mental health professional, trained in narcissism, attachment styles, and have excellent communication skills.

Over 900 MP3 Downloads

Is your out dated information sabotaging your life?

At Empowered Within hypnosis, Kerie Logan knows that we all have an Inner Critic. This Inner Critic can be like a vicious loop, creating a feed of negative tapes playing over and over again. You can stop the cycle and replace the out dated information with positive changes that reflect what you consciously want to experience now. You can achieve this goal by retraining your brain today!

Various Programs at Empowered Within

Everyone is unique and should not be placed within a franchise cookie-cutter box. We do offer one-time program sessions or monthly program sessions in person, via video chat, or over the phone. Inquire about our FREE 20-minute phone consultation to see what best options will support you today!

Custom and Personalized Audio Recordings

If you are seeking a custom recording, you came to the right place. Every year I hear stories about other hypnotherapists. Some are good and others are not. I take pride in my work and I love what I do. I will sure you get what you are seeking for either yourself or someone you care about. Communication is KEY!

Discover your options today. I offer a FREE 20-minute consultation to answer any questions and concerns.

Over 500 CD Titles

Yes, some people still do enjoy purchasing a CD. If you do not see a CD with the specific topic, please contact me. I can create a CD with the MP3 title selections at no extra cost.

FREE MP3 Downloads, Videos, and Sample my voice

Everyone  LOVES free stuff. Sample and explore what Empowered Within has to offer you today!

Hello! I’m Kerie

Clinical Certified Hypnotherapist Therapist

I have been working with clients locally and globally for over 20 years. Everyone has a life story, yet your life story and events do NOT have to define YOU! A person can change, raise their vibration, and change their reality. I have heard so many life changing stories and I would like for you to experience the same success. Just review a few testimonials and see what happens. Positive changes can happen today!

My Expertise and Successful Clients

Review from Stan B. for stop smoking – She’s the real deal, I am healed after years of therapy and other methods. Great price for effective services that really work. I finally found permanent relief and success, and I highly recommend her.

Stan B.

Kerie Logan was spot on in assisting me with my anxiety, other issues, and improving my overall well-being. She is a compassionate listener who takes her time to thoroughly understand the scope of your difficulty. Then she compiles the most articulate hypnosis recording designed specifically for you. For me, it was life changing. Kerie is an amazing human being, with an incredible gift, along with a resilient desire to help others. For all these reasons, I highly recommend Keri Logan at Empowered Within.