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About Kerie

My journey began at a young age with a simple desire for humanity to better understand one another. Life is our teacher, yet our life experiences do not have to define us. I have this strong love for supporting people in living a better life.

I believe if everyone learned how to Master the Upper Rooms, everyone would be living a life they love!

Learning to raise one's vibrational consciousness will transform one's mindset and reality! Below are just a few examples on shifts in the vibrational levels of human consciousness.

When I coach clients, I use this tool every time. I discovered this technique when I channeled my first book, Affirming and Focusing on Living a Better Life. When you look at the images of different perspectives, one can see how a person’s consciousness can shift from the destructive lower vibrational thought patterns into more compassionate, accepting, and understanding states of human consciousness.

If you have heard or seen Ester Hicks (Law of Attraction) or Paul Selig Channel, the guides keep telling them that humanity MUST learn to raise their vibration from the small self stuck in fear into becoming one with Source, the Universe, or God.


Here is a podcast sample of me teaching people how to raise their vibration around the subject of a failed marriage and dating again. I also explain the difference between 3D and 5D because many people are still confused about the concept. Enjoy!