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Autism and MMR Vaccine Blog Post:

After watching the movie, Vaxxed, by Robert De Niro, I had to stop and ask myself this question, “Is the MMR Vaccine Destroying a child’s future, life, and their families?”  My response is YES!

My son is 8 years old and has autism. When he was born, he was 2 months premature and the hospital would not release him until he had his first round of vaccinations.

Developmental-wise, he was doing great. Meeting his milestones and just learning to walk. He would eat all different types of foods and would say the usual words a baby does at 11 months old.

Then, I took my son in to get his MMR vaccine five days before his first birthday. That is when everything changed! He did have a fever, but it was like a wall came down.

He would no longer eat certain foods that were his favorite. He talked less, started flapping his arms around, wanted only dairy products, and would bang his head against his crib until he had black and blue marks.

He would hit his head with his hands and against the floor or wall. It was really scary. I knew something was wrong and wanted to help my child. At the time I had no clue that his autism might be related to the MMR vaccine.

Autism and MMR Vaccines Blog Post

Then, I read a book by Jenny McCarthy about her son’s autism. There was one thing that stood out for me. There was a part that talked about a high pain tolerance in kids with autism and dairy products.

Currently, at the time, my son would only eat dairy yogurt and whole milk. So, I did my own study to see if I could help my son stop hurting myself. I stopped ALL dairy products, and trust me, it was not easy.

To my surprise, he stopped the head-banging and self-hitting. It was like magic! His dad was amazed but did not want to believe it.

Well, he did believe it once the black and blue marks faded, and our son was now different.

He still had autism, but no more head-banging against everything. Plus, he stopped the stemming behavior of waving his arms around with his mouth wide open.

When my son got sick and needed antibiotics, his dad did not think about the damage yogurt had on our son. So he started to give our son yogurt at his home (we were separated now).

The behaviors started to come back and the daycare provider warned me. So I had to ask his dad if he was giving him any dairy products. Bingo…it was yogurt. When he stopped feeding him the yogurt, the behaviors went away.

Next miracle I discovered was to stop using the microwave to heat his bottle of almond or soy milk. I used the stove top. Just this simple act allowed him to get better at his speech.

Another miracle I discovered was ionized water with a Ph of 9.5. You can try this water for only $2.00 at Trader Joe’s. When you drink this higher Ph water, it is full of oxygen. Oxygen feeds the brain and helps to detox the body. It also helps with bowel movements and your overall health.  

Here is fact: Regular drinking water should be a Ph of 8.0. Well I had my friend in Sacramento California test her drinking water. Her local drinking water was 6.5. That is like drinking acid water.

Too much acid in the water will make you sick. My friend came to visit me and fell in love with my water. She ended up buying herself a water machine and has noticed a great improvement in her overall health.


I also tried to natural path way for my son and paid for a hair analysis. When I got the results, we were shocked to see high levels of mercury in his hair. The doctor asked me if he got into any paint. I had no idea at the time that the MMR vaccine has mercury in it.

At the time I was given some homeopathic pills for my son to get the mercury out of his system, but my partner at the time did not approve of it and threw away the bottles.

After watching the movie Vaxxed, I am going to have his hair analyzed again and get him on those pills. I will keep you posted on how that goes.

So why I am writing this blog post about autism and mmr vaccines, well I wish I had this information when my son was born. I would have had a choice!

Autism use to be 1 out 10,000 and now it is 1 out of 50. Mostly in boys. And studies have shown that the age of the child does matter. The chance of getting autism is greater is the child is between 12 to 18 months old.

At 3 years old, the chance of autism is very low. If I knew the facts, I would have waited to vaccinate my son. And it is all related to the MMR vaccine.

I know there was a scare a while back about a measles outbreak, but when you compare apples to apples – 1,082,353 cases of autism in 2014 and 644 measles in 27 states in 2014.

If we do nothing, by 2032, 1 and 2 children will have children being born will have autism.

Who will take care of these children? It will be the parents and the tax payers. Right now every 7 minutes a child is diagnosed with autism. We need to stop this madness and educate ourselves.

I know I can’t change my son, but I want to help him thrive and be happy with life. I try to give him foods with less gluten and more organic.

All I can say is so many of us parents have been forced into vaccinating our babies at a unsafe stage of development.

If you want to learn more about this important fact, just watch the movie, Vaxxed. It will open your eyes as it did mine.

The CDC has a whistle blower that came out and stated that MMR does cause autism. Plus, the CDC never has done a vax and unvax study.

We have a crisis going on right now with autism and mmr vaccines. So please help the children of our future!

Autism and MMR Vaccine Blog Post:

UPDATE: The year is now 2024. My son still has autism and I keep learning new things about it. Each child with autism is different. At times it can be a strength and other times a weakness.

What I can report is when I viewed the vaccination card all parents are given for their child, my son was given the MMR vaccine two months early and the doctor DID NOT notice this fact.

He was born two months premature and if the vaccine was going to be administered, it should have been recommended at fourteen months old, instead of twelve months old (1-year). Plus, the doctor still never gave me the option or educational information about the vaccine.

At times, it just feels like these doctors want to give the vaccine because the child is of age, but does not take the time to consider all the hidden factors of a child’s development, immune system, or can a specific vaccine have a grace period (up to three years of age).

Because in my mind, I feel and think that IF I had choice at that time and was educated, I would have waited. Yet, there would be judgment. It would be frown upon if I did not give into the regular standards of society. People expect a doctor to be up to date with all the facts, but clearly they are not.

So, my advice would be to NOT give your child the MMR vaccine because you will learn in the movie VAXXED that the MMR vaccine is THREE VACCINES combined into ONE!

In the movie, the whistleblower does make this recommendation to parents. The three different vaccines can be given separately and at different stages of a child’s development.

And since it is a parents responsibility to protect their child and have their best interest, I would first ask questions about any vaccine before it is administered. For example, many people died from the COVID vaccine. Even today, some people are still have negative side effects from the COVID vaccine and the booster shots.

Just like how we research medication side effects. For me, if the side effects can be more damaging to my body overtime, I seek another alternative. It’s my body and my life!