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Custom Hypnosis Recordings Success Stories at Empowered Within. 

Custom Hypnosis Recordings Testimonial from Brother Mark, Buddhist Monk, (Malaysia) – September 2011
“Thank You so much for such a peaceful and relaxing session. I can tell that you are certainly a very special person.”

Custom Hypnosis Recordings Testimonial from BLG, Sacramento, CA – June 2012
” Kerie, We cannot thank you enough for the beautiful, personal recordings you did for our 6 year old daughter. Bedtime is so much easier now, and she loves to go to sleep listening to your imageries’, and your voice. She giggles every time you say her name. Your thoughtfulness and talent is evident everywhere in both recordings. The one you made of her grandparents garden has been very comforting to her in many ways, especially during times of transitions. We also enjoy listening to it with her, as it reminds us of the beautiful things in our lives. The one you made of her favorite place on the River and Kayaking has made so much difference! In less than a week of listening at bedtime, she graduated from a swim class she had been in for months, and then swam across the pool which was twice the distance as the week before. Thanks again, we are so grateful to have these as part of our bedtime routine!!! ”

Custom Hypnosis Recordings Testimonial from T. Stephan (H.R. Director) November 2011
” Thanks, I really feel the effects of them working already and, my whole office atmosphere is changing and, relaxing more! Which is lovely! Thanks again! ”

Custom Hypnosis Recordings Testimonial from Pamela Vickory (North Dakota) – March 2012
“I just love the recording,!!!!!!! it was sovery enriching, I wanted to sit and listen again & again. And I probably will do that, soon. May I ask, will you be sending a cd also? the sound quality on this one will be of value to me, it is so spiritual. I love the way you put it all together ! I had visions during this that were amazing! I think I will soon plan to order another custom,… … one more step. So do not be surprised to hear from me again soon.”

Custom Hypnosis Recordings Testimonial from Kristine W. (Salem, Oregon) June 2012
I am really amazed at how quick and easy this has been for me Kerie. In 2-weeks I have already lost 12-pounds. I am eating less, eating healthier, drinking more water, no desire for sweets, sleep better, and the list just goes on. At first I thought you were a little nuts when you told me it could be so easy, but no I am a TRUE believer in your work. I am so glad we met and I am so thrilled to be writing this testimonial. You’re a gift!”

Custom Hypnosis Recordings Testimonial from Eva P. (Salem, Oregon) – April 2012
“I am loving the shifts that I am experiencing. Thank you. It was wonderful working with you today and talking about so many exciting things. You are fabulous and so are your gifts!”

Custom Hypnosis Recordings Testimonial from Robert. T – Attorney (Greenbrae, CA) August 2005
“Kerie, you are a person with the greatest gifts for compassion, non-judgment and inspiration. You have the most technical skill in making tapes and the willingness to go the extra mile. I feel so grateful for you”.

Custom Hypnosis Recordings  Testimonial from CF – Retired Business Owner (Novato, CA) – December 2004
“My wife has seen 9 doctors and had various surgeries on her back to relieve her pain. Nothing worked, it only made it worse. Once she saw Kerie, she finally experienced true pain relief. We love her!.”

Custom Hypnosis Recordings Testimonial from JR – Bank Manager (Salem, OR) January 2007
“I came to see Kerie for just weight loss in January 2007. Kerie tailored her program to assist me with my wine addiction, my habit of eating on the go in my car, eating fast food, becoming more active, and sleeping better at night. I now get the best nights sleep by listening to her voice! I now have portion control, I am eating slower, I drink more water and I hated water, I am walking in the morning, making healthier food choices, and I am no longer depressed or sad. Thank you Kerie for your compassion, understanding and unique gift.”

Custom Hypnosis Recordings Testimonial from Bill L. – Trading (North Hollywood, CA) November 2009
“The personalized cd you made me is GREAT! I just really really want to thank you. You put a lot into this and I truly appreciate it. I felt my spirit grab me in a very positive good way maybe half a dozen times during the recording. There are a lot of new things I can use and new ways to view things. Thank you.”

Custom Hypnosis Recordings Testimonial from David. G – Entrepreneur (Tarzana, CA) September 2010
“Kerie helped me see past my business problems and assisted me with my self limiting beliefs. I had no idea that tapes that continued to play in my mind were sabotaging my business and career. Thank you Kerie!”

Custom Hypnosis Recordings Testimonial from Art C. – Business Owner (East Coast Client) November 2008
“I did listen to the 2nd personalized cd. And I love this one also! Thank you for incorporating all my concerns we spoke about on the phone. I liked it so much that I listened to it twice yesterday! I feel better already. I also have to say I loved the reference to my “happy place” again in the second cd. I like the feeling that both personalized CD’s are “tied” together. Again, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Kerie, I am so happy with everything you have done for me in the cd’s and on the phone. After listening to each just a couple of time, for the first time in years I feel confident I can manage my negative thoughts and behavior!”

Custom Hypnosis Recordings Testimonial from Margaret M. – Writer (Dallas, OR) March 2010
“Thank you for your thoughtful response. I like the way you’ve given me constructive questions to ask about the lapse. I’ve made a copy because I want to follow through. The information and your gentle encouragement are immensely helpful. And you are so right, Mother’s Day is the trigger. And yet I am grateful for the positive. It’s that the dark of it is an abyss I sometimes fall into. Thanks for helping to lift me up out of it. ”

Custom Hypnosis Recordings Testimonial from Jacklynn V. – Middle School Teacher (Santa Rosa, CA) February 2006
“Kerie is the REAL deal! I have worked with 8 different hypnotherapist and than I met Kerie. I just love her and she will change your life!”

Custom Hypnosis Recordings Testimonial from Jonnie Simpson – Hospice Employee (Larkspur, CA) January 2005 
“Thanks so much! I feel like all the CD’s you have made for me have been so helpful and such important tools for my journey. Blessings to you Kerie!”

Custom Hypnosis Recordings Testimonial from Irene Davidson – Registered Nurse (San Rafael, CA) December 2005
“Kerie, I can’t begin to thank you enough for all you have done to give me my new life. I can only wish for you the same gifts for you that you have given me. The personalize CD you made me will be with me always”.

Custom Hypnosis Recordings Testimonial from SS – Stay at Home Mom (Corvallis, OR) March 2008 
“Bedtime has been a pleasure lately for Bliss and me. The 20-30 minutes we take to read, pray then sing gives her a slow wind down. It has eliminated the 2-4 hours of chasing her back to bed. You have a gift of life coaching. I think it was wise for you to do life-coaching. You have the wisdom of a mother of ten. Thanks again.”

Custom Hypnosis Recordings Testimonial from Eddie V. (Texas) August 2012
“You’ve gone above my expectations. I loved the personalized CD. That cd is wonderful. Best session i have ever had and I ve been to alot of hypnotherapist.”

custom hypnosis recording

custom hypnosis recording