Hypnosis and health insurance

Hypnosis and Health Insurance Questions at Empowered Within

hypnosis and health insurance

Many people have been asking me lately about hypnosis and health insurance. There are ways to get your health insurance to approve hypnosis, you just have to take these following steps.

1. Call your health insurance provider and “ASK” if they do or will cover hypnosis for weight loss, stop smoking, depression, anxiety, stress reduction, anger management, addictions, etc.

2. If they say, “YES”, find out exactly what they need in order for them to pay it. Some health insurance companies have a secondary expense budget that is called “Flex Pay”, which covers such things as chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, or other alternative medicine. Many state Oregon state employees have this option under their health insurance. The Flex Pay is like a credit card, so you don’t need a medical referral. Yet depending upon your insurance, some might need information from the hypnotherapist or approval from the medical doctor. If this is the case, I do provide all my clients with an invoice with a description of services.


Hypnosis and health insurance

hypnosis and health insurance

So here are 3 different examples of hypnosis and health insurance being approved:

1. I once worked with Easter Seals to support a teenager with anger, anxiety, memory, concentration, and study habits. The parent suggested to the Easter Seals counselor that their son come see me. The Easter Seals counselor agreed after talking with me and I submitted an invoice for the sessions. Then the State of Oregon actually paid me. I just had to provide my EIN #. If you have mental health benefits, you can also see if hypnotherapy is covered. If it is and I am not on the providers list, see if they are accepting “new providers”. If so, I can see what it would take to get me added to the list.

2. I have had clients use their secondary health insurance account pay for my services. Some people have paid me directly and the insurance company reimbursed them. Others have had their insurance companies pay me directly after I submitted an invoice and the necessary information.

3. If you do want to come see me and you want your insurance to pay for it, call your insurance company. Say you have already picked out a hypnotherapist and you want to know what steps are necessary to get started or to have me added to the insurance companies provider list. I can email a credentially form to the insurance company. Once I am added as a provider, we can get your program started.



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