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free guided power nap

 Free guided power nap hypnosis video at Empowered Within blogspot.

Try our free guided power nap video today! Just find a quiet place to relax and close your eyes. Make sure you will not be distracted for at least 12 minutes. This video is only 11 minutes long, so make the most of your relaxation time.

Within this free guided power nap video, I will take you to a sleep temple. You will use your imagination to find a peaceful place to relax and rest. Some people have actually used this recording for sleep, instead of a power nap. That is fine too. What matters most is that you make and find the time to listen and relax. Relaxation is the key! If the mind wants to wander, allow it to wander. If the mind wanders to unpleasant stressful thoughts, just focus on my words and the music.

Now if you think you don’t have the time to do this everyday, think again. You do get paid to take two 15-minute breaks a day and a lunch break. So make the time to give yourself some peace of mind. Close your office door, go outside, get into your car, and/or go to some place quiet. You are worth the time effort. You deserve to feel good!

So if you find your life being very stressful, I would suggest listening to this video for 30-days, everyday. You will notice a new you at the end. You will be calmer, more focused, have more energy, and better able to handle stressful situation.




free guided power nap

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This free guided power nap video was professionally created by Kerie Logan at Empowered Within Blog. Kerie Logan is a 5 time award winner and is a clinical certified hypnotherapist for the past 15 years.