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morning meditation video

FREE Morning Meditation Video at Empowered Within

How we start our day does impact our lives. We have all heard the saying, “Did you get out of the wrong side of the bed today?” Well, this morning’s meditation will help start your day positively and allow the best of you to support you during any trying situations. This morning meditation video is only 11 minutes long and will help you shift your morning routine positively. Within this morning meditation video, you will imagine your day as if the best of you was walking in your shoes. What would you do? What would you say? How would you act and behave? How would the best of you handle a difficult situation? How would the best of you feel?

You will explore and pre-pave your day within this meditation. You might even gain some insights or ah-ha moments when the mind is calm and quiet. When the ego is active, we tend to want to fight and stay stuck. But when we can connect to the heart and be honest with ourselves, then we grow. We are learning a new way of thinking, acting, behaving, and becoming.


morning meditation video

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Thanks, and enjoy this free morning meditation video created by Kerie Logan.