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free online self hypnosis video

Free online self hypnosis video at Empowered Within blogspot

Are you curious about hypnosis or self hypnosis? Do you want to try it? You can try it today for free with my free online self hypnosis video. All you need to do is find a quiet place to relax and close your eyes. This free online self hypnosis video is only 8 minutes long. Once you have mastered the technique, you find that you can quiet the mind much faster and easier. This will allow you to utilize self hypnosis anytime, under any circumstance. And this is a powerful tool to have under your belt.

The key to self hypnosis is RELAXATION! You have to relax enough to slow down the brainwave patterns and open the door to your subconscious mind. So if you listen to every word I say intently and don’t allow your imagination to explore, you might be defeating the process. You want to feel relaxed as if you are in a day dreaming state of mind.

Now if you are nervous or afraid of hypnosis, listen to this video first without relaxing. That way you will feel comfortable with my voice, the words I use and the process.

Now it does take 28-30 days to create a new habit or behavior. So I would recommend listening to this video for 30-days, everyday for the best results. AND focus on only ONE subject the whole time for the 30-days. I know most people do notice changes within the 2-week period, but you want to master it. Think of getting a gold metal. The people that get the gold had to practice and practice. They had to become the moves and master them so it would become automatic. You want your suggestions to become automatic for you. Therefore, don’t test drive it. Own it!



free online self hypnosis video

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