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FREE Hypnosis MP3 and Videos at Empowered Within!!!

free hypnosis mp3

We have Free Hypnosis MP3, Free Guided Meditation, Guided Imagery, Self Hypnosis, Visualization, Law of Attraction, NLP, and Relaxation Technique MP3 Downloads by Empowered Within. 23 FREE Hypnosis MP3 Downloads, click here


Free Hypnosis MP3

free hypnosis mp3


Below is a list of FREE Hypnosis MP3 Audio Recording Videos on YouTube Videos Listed Below:

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free hypnosis mp3

23 FREE Hypnosis MP3 and other FREE Hypnosis MP3 Audio Recordings, click here

free hypnosis mp3


Relaxation and Quick Stress Buster Tips:
Everyday life can at times be very stressful. Therefore, its good to some relaxation and quick stress buster tips under your belt.
1. Breathing is KEY! When you hold your breath, your survival brain will engage and you won’t be able to focus or respond in a calm manner. So always remember to STOP and BREATHE.
2. ¾ of all working class people do not take their 15-minute break twice a day. Smokers take a break and it allows them to refocus. So why not take a 5-minute break to meditate or clear your mind. Walk outside and get some fresh air. Please remember to take a break for you own well-being. It will help you regain your energy, concentration and focus. Your boss will thank you.
3. When your overwhelmed in life, its recommended to stop and take a break. Agree to disagree. At times it best to walk away and schedule a time to connect again with people. Plus…..remember to breathe when you encounter a stressful conversation. You want to respond in a healthy way, not a reacting way.
4. Spare your eyes! Studies show that eye strain and other visual symptoms occur in 50 to 90 percent of computer workers.
5. With the increased workload in companies, it is difficult for employees to find the time to take a lunch break. 32% say they take a 30-minute break, while 5% only take a lunch for less than 15 minutes. Some employees never have a lunch break, while others eat at their desks Take a lunch break! Economic stress over the last year has caused some workers to reflect on their habits, and many of them have turned to healthier routines. So create a healthy routine and de-stress.
6. Hugs are good for your heart, they lower blood pressure, and reduce stress, so make it a point to hug someone today!



free hypnosis mp3