How to Manifest

How to Manifest: Overview: Why You Should Buy This Book (People Love Good Stories)

how to manifest

This book is about how people have found success and how to manifest what their heart desires by affirming and focusing. Many people have heard about Law of Attraction, The Secret, the Power of Intent, and Wishes Fulfilled. People have dreams and they want to make those dreams REAL. What trips up so many people is that people need to hear another person’s story in order to understand how they made their dreams come true or what was blocking them in making those dreams a reality. I have not seen many clear examples in the various Law of Attraction books. This how to manifest book provides clarity and gets to the heart of many people’s issues.

In these how to manifest pages you’ll hear people’s stories when they were maybe you: struggling, unsure of what to do, got frustrated with trying and getting no result, thought it was too good to be true, or even just curious how it all really works. You will read about people who: changed their lives, manifested more money, attracted a mate, got a better job, attracted more clients, moved into a new house, and much more. You’ll see how their hope and determination paid off in the end when they focused on affirmed.

This book will cover that huge place that many self help and Law of Attraction books leave out – step by step life story examples. People are always curious about how others did it. For words don’t teach. Life experience teaches us all. People can relate to stories better and that relation will make people think. This book is packed with life experience stories that will inspire and empower everyone. In fact even give people hope that it is possible to create your dreams. Each life story example is full of wisdom and understanding. This book is your road map to success! You will also get a lot of tips and tricks in this book – from my clients and me.

Another part of this how to manifest book is specific advice on learning how to affirm and focus on manifesting the things you desire, coming from a general place to a more specific place. There is no luck involved once you read this book. The definition of luck is, “The place where persistence meets preparation.” This how to manifest book will show you exactly how to prepare yourself to manifest or change your life. This book will inspire you to keep moving forward – to be persistent.

You might also relate too many of the life stories written within this book. You might understand how you failed and now understand how you can succeed. For the dream to live a better life should never die just because you failed a few times. Thomas Edison wrote, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” We don’t want you try 10,000 times; we want you to find success now.

This how to manifest book will provide a good dose of both understanding the practice rules of how we all can change or manifest things in our lives as well as inspirational real events that positively altered people’s lives.

Everybody loves good stories. It’s time someone wrote a how to manifest book about just how to do that by utilizing the laws of our thoughts and emotions to create a better life and a better world!


How to manifest

how to manifest

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how to manifest

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