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hypnosis addiction recovery

Hypnosis addiction recovery at Empowered Within
hypnosis addiction recovery

Hypnosis Addiction Recovery Testimonial from Coby Gordon, MD (cobyk2@aol.com) – December 2008
” Dear Kerie, I 
thank you with all my heart for the amazingly effective CD’s you’ve developed for overcoming addictions.

I’m a 48 year old mother who has struggled with addiction for most of my life. I wanted so badly to change and recover and tried truly every resource I could think of, with no success despite knowing I was hitting absolute rock bottom and hurting my family as well. It’s an extraordinarily difficult challenge, to say the very least.

I stumbled across your website and decided to try your guided self-hypnosis almost as a last resort. I really didn’t expect much, because so many other efforts hadn’t helped. But Kerie, it’s what finally changed and saved my life. Since listening to your CDs, my
physical and mental urges to abuse drugs are vastly diminished. What few little struggles I still have are quickly erased when I listen to them again. What you provide is an amazing (almost “easy”!) way to “re-program” your thoughts and gather the strength to make it through to one’s goals, based on your astounding skills and caring guidance. It’s helped me focus, remain positive, and much much more…I’ve not only conquered my addiction, but feel open to growing and bettering myself in many more ways. I’m looking forward to using more of your products on other topics as well!

Thank you again. Small words for such a huge gift, Kerie — the gift of a happy, healthy life now, finally, for myself and those I love and who love me. I so encourage others, who may be struggling themselves as well, to try your CDs. THEY WORK. I even invite anyone to contact me personally if they’d like more feedback. You’re a blessing that needs to be shared!!! You were right there for me during the most important time of my life and I continue to enjoy and appreciate your support.

All the best,
Coby Gordon

Hypnosis Addiction Recovery
Hypnosis Addiction Recovery

Hypnosis Addiction Recovery Testimonial from Jerry W. – Horse Trainer (Vallejo,CA) – January 2006
“Before I met Kerie, I was addicted to pain medication. I recovered from the pain with surgery, but my body was still addicted to the medications. Kerie was very helpful and supportive in my recovery. The doctors told me I would be on med’s for the rest of my life and Kerie showed me another way of thinking, believing and being. Kerie is the most compassionate, understanding and non-judgmental person I have met on this planet. Thank you Kerie for never giving up on me and believing in me!”

 Hypnosis Addiction Recovery Testimonial from J. Stewart (Clayton, NC) – February 2010
“I am so amazing how effective your caffeine addiction cd is working for me. I have noticed my heart palpitations decreasing and I feel great! Thank you so much for the gifts you bring to others. You truly have something special…and I love your voice!”

 Hypnosis Addiction Recovery Testimonial from Alice C. – President of CPA Firm (Tiburon, CA) – March 2006
“When I first met Kerie, I right away did not want to work with her. I felt she was not experienced enough and I requested to work with someone much older and more qualified. I wanted the best. Then one day there was a scheduling error and I was scheduled to have a session with Kerie. At first I thought about changing it, but I decided to go along with it. Well, all I can say is WOW! I was hooked and I fell in love with Kerie’s voice, her patience, her intuitive style, and way she accepted me. From that day on, I requested to have all my appointments with Kerie. I even wanted Kerie to remake several of my previous CD’s because she was much more effective. Her voice is very reassuring and kind. Kerie helped me relax more, loss some weight, stop the constant chatter in my head, and overcome my obsessive compulsive behaviors.

Why I write this testimonial to to let everyone know that you cannot judge a book by it’s cover. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I am sorry for judging Kerie because she never judged me. She even knew that I did not like her and still she had faith in me. Thank you Kerie for being true to me and believing in me. You are a true gem my friend!”

Hypnosis Addiction Recovery Testimonial from C.Gordon (Knoxville, TN) – October 2007
“I am beyond happy to report that I no longer need Oxycontin, thanks in large part to the help that you’ve given me! Hypnosis/self-hypnosis is such a powerful tool — kind of like visualization, meditation, affirmation all rolled into one — I continue to listen to your CDs, as this helps “seat” things into place. I still have down days, where I don’t feel well emotionally or physically — it will take time still, I’d imagine, for things to really become a new part of me, and the now-familiar sound of your soothing voice always helps. I’ve referred many people to your services and hope you know what a positive impact your work has in helping others. 
Thank you again, Kerie. From the bottom (and top and middle :)) of my