hypnosis alcohol addiction

Hypnosis alcohol addiction success stories at Empowered Within.

hypnosis alcohol addiction

Hypnosis alcohol addiction Testimonial from John M. – Engineer & Business Owner (Novato, CA) – June 2005“I have been a heavy drinker since I got out of college 45 years ago. My father was an alcoholic as well as my two children. Kerie saved my life. She assisted me in turning off the switch in my mind to no longer desire alcohol. After my first session, I stop drinking during the day, but still had two cocktails in the evening. By the second session, I cut out all alcohol. After the third session, I found it getting easier to not think about it so much. I have even lost interest in the taste. My life has really changed. I lost 16 pounds, I sleep better, my handwriting is back to normal, I am a lot more active, I no longer procrastinate in paying my bills on time, my mental attitude is better, and I think and feel like I use too. I have the confidence my changes will be permanent. My wife and I, thank you Kerie!”

Hypnosis alcohol addiction Testimonial from Kathy P. – Hair Stylist (Albany, OR) – March 2008
“I came to see Kerie for my beer addiction and weight loss. I came from an alcoholic family and I would drink between 8-10 beers in the evening. I was surprised how easy it was for me, since I am a very strong willed person. Thank you Kerie for your support, nutritional information, and coaching skills.”

Hypnosis alcohol addiction Testimonial from Paul T. – Business Owner (Portland, OR) – July 2008
“I found Kerie on Wendi.com to assist me with my alcohol addiction. I was listening to Wendi’s cds and was not getting the results I expected. Since I had a free coupon for a local consultation with a hypnotherapist, I picked Kerie because she was the only therapist who specialized in alcohol addiction. After my first session with Kerie, I was very impressed. She listened to my concerns and struggles. All I can say is “WOW”! Even though my session was FREE, I paid her. She is worth her weight in gold! Thank you Kerie.”

Hypnosis alcohol addiction Testimonial from DG – Sales and Marketing Specialist (Portland, OR) – June 2008
“I found Kerie on the internet and downloaded several of her MP3’s for alcohol addiction. I was impressed how quickly I stopped drinking and how I actually forgot about it. I was so impressed that I told several friends about her and purchased many more MP3’s to assist me with relationships, self confidence and personal development. Thank you Kerie for doing such a fantastic job! Your MP3’s have really changed my life.”

Hypnosis alcohol addiction Testimonial from Sarah Q. – Hospital Administrator (Mill Valley,CA) – October 2005
“Before I met Kerie, I would go home every night after work and drink 1 or 2 bottles of wine to numb myself. My job was extremely stressful and my marriage was falling apart. I first came to see Kerie about weight loss. After speaking with her, I realized I had many other issues that I needed to face. Kerie was very non-judgmental, sweet and understanding. Kerie assisted me in staying off the wine addiction, finding other stress relief tools, and she helped me find myself again. Even when my husband laughed at me for doing hypnosis, Kerie still believed in me. Thank you Kerie for your support, kind spirit, inspiration, and for being here for me.”

Hypnosis alcohol addiction Testimonial from Helen C. – Theater/Actor (Mill Valley, CA) – January 2005
“After my first session with Kerie, I found that I was not triggered by chocolate. I was surprised how I lost the desire and want for chocolate. Even my coworkers were shocked and tired to get me to have some chocolate. I have always hadaddictive behaviors and I doubted it could be this easy. I am very impressed how my results are going so well. I was very skeptic and did not think hypnosis would work for me. I was wrong!”

Hypnosis alcohol addiction Testimonial from M. Vitaletti (Kingston, PA) – August 2010
“I have to tell you – I don’t know if it’s your voice or what you say but I put those earphones on and two minutes later I’m sound asleep. I didn’t drink AT ALL last week (which is nothing short of miraculous) and I’ve been sleeping better than I have in ages. Thanks so much. ”

Hypnosis alcohol addiction Testimonial from Linda Lavender (Binge Drinking) – March 2012
“Your mp3 is really helping me thanks”

Hypnosis alcohol addiction Testimonial from Lisa Trevor (Canada) – June 2011
“I am enjoying your mp3’s so very much, and they are very effective!”