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hypnosis for anger

Hypnosis for anger success stories at Empowered Within
Hypnosis for anger

Hypnosis for anger Testimonial from A. Lopez (Salem, OR) – June 2010 “When I met Kerie I was a mess. My anger got so out of control that I was experiencing anxiety attacks. After my first session I noticed a major shift. I was no longer having blow outs, I felt more relaxed, much calmer, and found myself not yelling at my kids. It was amazing! It was like I found my voice, but in a positive way were people could actually hear me, instead of being afraid of my voice. I am now sleeping so much better. That first night was the best nights sleep I have had in years. Just getting a good night sleep now each night was worth the money. I have to say I was hesitant about the cost, but what I got in exchange was so much more. I feel great and I have you to thank.”

Hypnosis for anger Testimonial from Robin Nixon (Colorado) – February 2012
“Thx, I really loved the forgiveness release MP3 and am looking forward to this one. Very awesome!”

Hypnosis for anger
Hypnosis for anger

Hypnosis for anger Testimonial from KP – Social Worker (San Rafael, CA) – December 2005
“When I came to see Kerie I was depressed and I felt like an empty shell. I had been working on myself for years and I was tired of trying. I was haunted by my past and I was very angry. At first I did not know if I wanted to work with Kerie. I doubted the stories she told me and how my life could be better. I had tried everything (books, workshops, group meetings, affirmations). Kerie told me that if I was not satisfied after our first session, it was FREE.

My life did change to my disbelief. Kerie helped me create a new mold for myself. I am happier, healthier (mind/body/spirit), I sleep better at night, I am more patient, and the list goes on and on! I have met and worked with many people in my life, but I have never met anyone like Kerie. She treated me like a friend, not a patient. The greatest gift Kerie gave me was to no longer give a rip what people thought about me. It all had to do with my relationship with myself. Kerie helped me learn to accept myself, to love myself and to stop punishing myself for my mistakes in life. I finally found ME! Kerie is the real gift and I am blessed to have worked with her. You will be too!”

Hypnosis for anger Testimonial from Erica (New Jersey) – May 2012
“Dear Kerie: 
Thank you so very much. I have already tried to listen to the mp3 that I purchased. It feels as though it will be very helpful, but I have a horrible time relaxing. Thank you so very much for the other two formats. I believe that they will definitely work and work better for someone like me, who has a very hard time relaxing and letting my mind be free, or even being calm. Thank you again for your help, assistance and kindness. I look forward to using this, as well as more of your products in the future.”