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hypnosis for children

Hypnosis for children success stories at Empowered Within

Hypnosis for children


Hypnosis for children Testimonial from SS – Stay at Home Mom (Corvallis, OR) March 2008
“Bedtime has been a pleasure lately for Bliss and me. The 20-30 minutes we take to read, pray then sing gives her a slow wind down. It has eliminated the 2-4 hours of chasing her back to bed. You have a gift of life coaching. I think it was wise for you to do life-coaching. You have the wisdom of a mother of ten. Thanks again.”

Hypnosis for children Testimonial from WS – Wife of Famous Race Car Driver (Tiburon, CA) August 2005
“Thank you so much Kerie. Before I took my 9-year old daughter to see Kerie, she was struggling in gymnastics, she self confidence was down and her spirits were low. Within a few weeks I saw a dramatic change in my daughter. It was likemy daughter was a new person. Kerie really connects with kids and made a big impact on my daughter’s life. We are very grateful!”

Hypnosis for children Testimonial from TG – Caregiver (San Rafael, CA) November 2004
“Thank you Kerie for assisting my son! We spent years working on my son’s fear of the dark and bed wetting. He saw numerous doctors, gave him medication and even set a timer to wake him up. Within 1-week, my son was no longer afraid of the dark. Within 3-weeks he was no longer wetting the bed. Plus he got other benefits from Kerie, such as more self confidence, more cooperative, he was happier and became more outgoing. It was a miracle! We should have seen her first. We can’t thank you enough!”

Hypnosis for children
Hypnosis for children

Hypnosis for children Testimonial from DV (New York, NY) August 2011
“I cannot thank you enough Kerie for what you have done for our son. He has been in therapy for years and has always struggled with his disabilities. Your personalized and children CD’s have made a big difference in his life. He is now doing his homework, he has more concentration, he is less angry, and much easier on himself. I have tried many things to help him and I am glad I found you on the Internet. I am pleased to be writing you this testimonial and thank you again.”

 Hypnosis for children Testimonial from Linda E. – Teenage Boy with ADHD and Autism (Dallas, OR) March 2009
“Kerie you have changed my son for the better. He can now remember everything he learned at school. He was doubtful and did not want to do hypnosis. Now he really has seen how hypnosis works and said, “I want it!”. We have noticed that he now has less of a temper, he gets less frustrated with homework, he is listening to us instead of reacting, and is much more cooperative. Thank you so much for helping our son. You have been a great inspiration and friend! Thanks for not giving up on him. He is very happy. “