hypnosis for depression and confidence

Hypnosis for depression and confidence success stories at Empowered Within

Hypnosis for depression and confidence

Hypnosis for depression and confidence Testimonial from Harold. S. (Klamath Falls, OR) “When I met Kerie I had some issues. I had pressure in my back, which enabled me to work. Since I could not work, I felt like a failure in supporting my family. Kerie not only helped my back pain, she helped to increase my self esteem and confidence. I soon found myself more get up and go, less depressed, feeling better about myself, more positive, and able to do more things around the house. Thank you so much Kerie!”


Hypnosis for depression and confidence Testimony for Kerie Logan, by LP, from Arizona (May 2012)
“I transitioned from one very rewarding and incredibly demanding job in the medical field to another one. My successes were many in the first position; however, I wanted to advance my skills in a new area. Traditional training time for these positions were several months, and I wanted to speed up my ability to focus, recall new information and reduce the stress of the transition. I tried Kerie’s NLP confidence recordings where you can teach your body, emotions and mind to recall prior successful feelings and bring them to a current situation. It worked beautifully after only a few days of diligently listening to her relaxing recording. It also decreased the stress that often accompanies a career change.

The best test of Kerie’s NLP process, was when I was preparing a report for a medical team meeting. I had 20 parts to the report, and was typing as quickly and accurately as I could to get it all documented before the meeting. When I was nearly completed, I discovered a coworker had prepared part of the report and forgot to tell me. I had not only duplicated efforts, but had to delete the duplicates, run to a copy machine to make handouts, and get them to the meeting in only minutes. When I got to the copy machine, it did not sort or staple so I rushed to sort more than a hundred papers myself. On the way to the meeting, I realized my hands were really shaking and my adrenaline was pumping. I put my middle finger and thumb together as Kerie teaches in the NLP confidence recording, to help myself relax and recall the confidence of my former job. The relief was literally instant in my whole body. All of a sudden I could think clearer, and realized I had not had anything to eat or drink for 5 hours. I grabbed a bottle of water, drank it down and calmly went into the meeting with a smile on my face. It worked like magic.”

Hypnosis for depression and confidence Testimonial from Jerri Ward (Canada)
“Kerie, I want to thank you so much for your website. It has been a blessing for me. I have suffered from treatment resistant depression for 39 yrs. , and bipolar disorder for 17 yrs. I also live with chronic pain and many chronic health problems. I am on disability and due to my health situation do not have extra money for things such as the hypnosis downloads that benefit me so much. Thank you so much sharing your gift so freely with those of us who would otherwise be unable to benefit. You are awesome at what you do. You have a true gift. Again, thank you for allowing me to share it. It helps to make my days a whole lot better and give me hope that tomorrow will be even better. I breath better, think better, relax better and feel better. Bless You!”

Hypnosis for depression and confidence Testimonial from JR – Bank Manager (Salem, OR) January 2007
“I came to see Kerie for just weight loss in January 2007. Kerie tailored her program to assist me with my wine addiction, my habit of eating on the go in my car, eating fast food, becoming more active, and sleeping better at night. I now get the best nights sleep by listening to her voice! I now have portion control, I am eating slower, I drink more water and I hated water, I am walking in the morning, making healthier food choices, and I am no longer depressed or sad. Thank you Kerie for your compassion, understanding and unique gift.”

Hypnosis for depression and confidence Testimonial from KL – Dental Assistant (San Francisco, CA) April 2005
“After my first session and 3-weeks later, I have lost 10 pounds. I am making healthier food choices, I am eating much less, drinking more water, and I have taken all her positive suggestions and changes back into my own life experience. I was amazed how easy it could be. I feel great and my self confidence has improved. My husband is even impressed with my changes and outlook on life.”