hypnosis for grief

Hypnosis for grief  success stories at Empowered Within.

Hypnosis for grief 

Hypnosis for grief  Testimonial from JT – Artist/Writer (San Rafael, CA) March 2005
“When I first met Kerie, my life was a mess. My mother just passed away and I fell into a deep depression. Kerie was so warm hearted and compassionate towards me. It felt like I knew her all my life. Kerie gave me the strength to heal my heart, overcome my depression, realize that my mother has not left me, and helped me get my life back on track. Kerie is my angel. Thank you!”

Hypnosis for grief 
Hypnosis for grief 

Hypnosis for grief  Testimonial from Jackie W. (Keizer, Oregon) May 2012
“When my mom passed away, I had a lot of anger and issues come up. I was a mess and very unhappy. Kerie help me find peace with my mom, but most importantly connect to the little girl within me that felt unloved and unimportant. I wish I did this sooner. Thank you Kerie for helping me during this difficult time. You made is much easier to manage and to recover. Many blessings to you my friend!”

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