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hypnosis for healing cancer

Hypnosis for healing cancer success stories at Empowered Within.

Hypnosis for healing cancer

Hypnosis for healing cancer Testimonial from JP – Cancer Survivor (Salem, OR) – November 2016
“When I met Kerie my doctor told me I had 30 days to find a solution. My gallbladder was faced with cancer a second time and I did not want to go through chemo or radiation again. Kerie inspired me to use the power of mind and made me a wonderful custom recording. I listened to her recording twice a day for 28 days. When I went back to the doctor, the cancer was GONE!!! My doctor was shocked. It was a miracle and I thank you so much Kerie. You have an amazing gift. I was even inspired to go to church again and tell everyone about this miracle. Keep up the awesome work Kerie. I am your biggest fan!”

Hypnosis for healing cancer Testimonial from TE – Cancer Survivor (Norfolk, MA)
 – September 2009
“Kerie your CD on Destroying and Dissolving Cancer Cells Guided Imagery has made a big difference in my life. Your voice and words are so soothing. I have recommended you to many of my friends. You truly have a gift.”

Hypnosis for healing cancer Testimonial M.Brody – Cancer Patient (Israel) – November 2011
“Shalom Kerie, I have been listening to your recordings daily. I don’t know what all the content is, since I always fall asleep after a minute or two, but I wake up feeling restored, and with a smile on my face. Must be doing something good! Thank you so much!”

Hypnosis for healing cancer Testimonial from SD – Bone Cancer Patient (Klamath Falls, OR) – August 2008
“After listening to Kerie’s Guided Imagery Cancer Meditation CD for the first time, I noticed an improved difference. I felt better, more hopeful, I had more energy, and I even took my dog for a walk. I have not been outside my home in over a month. I love and cherish this cd. Her work is truly wonderful and I highly recommend them.”

Hypnosis for healing cancer Testimonial from Becky B (Golden, CO) – June 2008
“I wanted to tell you that I listened (under anesthesia) to the cancer surgery CD on my Ipod over and over again while I had surgery for a double mastectomy last week. I woke up feeling great and my surgeons say I get the “award” for feeling and looking so good in the days immediately following surgery. I think part of it must be listening to these CD’s before, during and after the surgery. So thanks!”

Hypnosis for healing cancer
Hypnosis for healing cancer

Hypnosis for healing cancer Testimonial from S. Rawlings (Canada) – March 2007
“Thank you Kerie for the wonderful work you do to sooth and assist people with cancer. Your voice is so relaxing and peaceful. Your words fill me with hope, compassion, strength, and peace of mind. You truly have a gift and you are a blessing to this world. Keep up the good work!”

Hypnosis for healing cancer Testimonial from Derk R. – Cancer Survivor (British Columbia) – May 2007
“Thank you Kerie for all the wonderful CD’s you make for people with cancer. I have been making my own tapes for my cancer treatment, but your CD’s are very powerful, unique and comforting. Your advice on reading Bruce Lipton’s book, “The Biology of Belief” has changed my life as well. Thank you so much for your support, your voice and the gifts you bring to this world.”

Hypnosis for healing cancer Testimonial from Gerry (Canada) – July 2011
“I just ordered two cancer fighting CD’s to be sent to my brother in Alberta. When i first learned of his diagnosis, we sent to him a CD I had bought from you a few years ago. Today, my brother wrote a wonderful email thanking me again for the CD. What could I do but send him a couple more, more specific to his need and more powerful imagery too.

Below is a copy of his note, Gerry

I have been feeling quite down and forgotten by the medical system today and then remembered the CD you both sent fighting cancer within and played it. I tell you it has made me feel that I can do more than just wait for the Dr’s. to do something – that I can help myself and generate power to fight this thing. So wanted to thank you for this and I plan to use it to beat it. It also awakened in me the meditation I used to do as well.”

 Hypnosis for healing cancer
Hypnosis for healing cancer

Hypnosis for healing cancer 
Testimonial from Corina (Ireland) September 2011
” I have listened every day to your recording and find it so far very powerful. This morning during the journey into my body I had a wonderful experience which I would like to share with you. Engaging with my heart beat I suddenly was transported back to my first ever heart beat as a new born baby. In real terms, I was not a wanted child. My mother told me how she had tried to abort me on several occasion. This time however I changed the scene. It felt so good to be loved- to feel the love for myself and all the people who are dear to me. My journey into my heart beat then went even further back, to the first ever heartbeat while still in the womb. I felt the love for myself to be born and a gratitude for the life I have lived so far and I will continue to live. When it came to being in a cell, again I found myself back at the absolute core of me. The time of conception. I was granted a fresh start! I felt grateful to be transported back to my very essence. Thank you! Overall I find that after listening to the recordings I start my day with more ‘space’ around me and with more light in my body. I feel free.Together with the journey with you, I am back to getting treatment by a holistic therapist.”