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hypnosis for rapid personal change

Hypnosis for rapid personal change success stories at Empowered Within

Hypnosis for rapid personal change


Hypnosis for rapid personal change Testimonial from Emily M. (Ireland) April 2012
“Kerie- I love having a mini-library of your self-hypnosis CD collection! I have used so many of them, so many times over the past year , as a means to relax and deal with things, guided by your wonderful technique and voice. I find recurrent themes of trouble-areas in my life.., and so as I go along and encounter something I find difficult to deal with, not only do I take some time-out to reflect, but I listen to one of your hypnosis titles (that correlates), and let it speak to my inner mind….then, finding the way to deal with difficult issues becomes reflexive! Knowing i have this collection of your CD’s on hand gives me a boost of confidence that i can deal with the tough stuff, even when I become overwhelmed by my own inner-talk. Your CD’s help me come out of slumps, and get back on the right track. thanks immensely”

Hypnosis for rapid personal change Greg L. – Firefighter (Arizona) – March 2012
“You are awesome. Thank you so much for helping me with my anxiety and insomnia.”

Hypnosis for rapid personal change Testimonial from Coby (new release of personal empowerment cds) – September 2011
“Hi Kerie: 
I’ve just listened to the first of the new CD’s, and am really pleased and impressed. Thank you so much for including me in the release!

I became much more aware of how highly trained and educated you are, after listening to the introduction, especially. Not that I ever doubted that; it just was a good reminder of what a skilled therapist you are. As always, your voice is perfect — clear and soothing, and without too much inflection, so you can kind of “add your own” and tailor your experience while listening. I personally like that. If the voice is overly animated, I find it can be a distraction. The quality of your voice is what kept me going the very first time I listened to your Addiction CD — I admit to being ready to feel immediately “turned off” as soon as any talking began. Because all other programs do that to me, frankly. To me, you have the perfect voice for what you do. I suspect it’s your spirit coming through, which is what makes it so attractive. xo

The portal exercise reminds me of the chakra system — but still very unique to itself. I appreciated the focus on feeling safe, and the reminders about it — sit with your back to the wall, for example. All of your instructions are clear, easy to follow, leave room for personal experience and result in what I consider a true hypnotic state. Which is apparently when the real work gets done — because the benefits, I know from experience, of listening to your work are powerful and almost immediate. (Sidenote: I loved your attaching a thought process to a color trigger, in the Addiction CD. Red, in that case. Neat crossover of technique. And effective for me to this day.)

I’m looking forward to listening my way through the rest. I just wanted to give you an immediate thanks for your thoughtfulness, and let you know I think you have a wonderful body of work pulled together here. I’m only at the tip of the iceberg, I can tell. People don’t realize what a profound impact their inner wounds have — or even, more importantly, that they’re there. We just act out, never quite knowing why. Your work is truly healing, which is the basis of all empowerment.

Much love,

Hypnosis for rapid personal change
Hypnosis for rapid personal change

Hypnosis for rapid personal change Testimonial from Keith H. (AZ) February 2008
“I have received the download kerie and thank you very much for your time and of course will definitely consider purchasing more in the future, it has been good to know that some people still do business the old fashion way with honesty and trust. Thank you!”

Hypnosis for rapid personal change Testimonial from M. Schorr (Long Beach, CA) June 2011
“Yeah Kerie! I can feel the money rolling in. When my condo is clutter free and my habits will have gone back to my real self, I will have lots of wonderful things happening. Thanks a Million!”

Testimonial from Paul K. (Colorado) May 2010
“Thank you so much for your demonstrated kindness to me. I am hoping God will work a miracle through your CD’s.”

Hypnosis for rapid personal change Testimonial from LG – High School Principal (Novato, CA) August 2006
“Kerie, you really have that special something that makes hypnosis a thoroughly enjoyable, relaxing, effective process for your clients. Thank you again for your empathy and understanding.”

Hypnosis for rapid personal change Testimonial from CH – Psychotherapist (Mill Valley, CA) February 2005 “Thank you so much for showing your kind, wise, insightful self with me. Though our journey together has been short, it remains deeply meaningful to me. I thank you for shining your light into my life. May God be with you on your new journey my friend. May joy, laughter and love be with you always.”

Hypnosis for rapid personal change  Testimonial from Betsy W. – Registered Nurse (Terra Linda, CA) Febraury 2005
“When I first came to see Kerie, I wanted to just focus on weight loss. I did not expect my whole life to be transformed. My current life was very boring. I hated my job and I kept getting rejected for promotions. I sort of felt powerless over my life.

One day I told Kerie about my dreams. I always wanted to move to Arizona. I had been dreaming about it for over 10-years. Kerie inspired me to follow my dreams. She wanted me to experience true happiness and joy. Kerie gave me a game plan and suggested to just try it out. She would always say, “If it is meant to be, it will just flow”. Well, I took her advice. I did some research on the Internet and found a hospital in AZ that had a job opening. I got the job! I also found a place to live near the hospital. It was too good to be true! Everything just lined up for me Kerie suggested. Thank you Kerie for inspiring me to greatness!”

Hypnosis for rapid personal change Testimonial from Kris P. – Social Worker (San Rafael, CA) May 2005 (Creating a new mold)
“When I came to see Kerie I was depressed and I felt like an empty shell. I had been working on myself for years and I was tired of trying. I was haunted by my past and I was very angry. At first I did not know if I wanted to work with Kerie. I doubted the stories she told me and how my life could be better. I had tried everything (books, workshops, group meetings, affirmations). Kerie told me that if I was not satisfied after our first session, it was FREE.

My life did change to my disbelief. Kerie helped me create a new mold for myself. I am happier, healthier (mind/body/spirit), I sleep better at night, I am more patient, and the list goes on and on! I have met and worked with many people in my life, but I have never met anyone like Kerie. She treated me like a friend, not a patient. The greatest gift Kerie gave me was to no longer give a rip what people thought about me. It all had to do with my relationship with myself. Kerie helped me learn to accept myself, to love myself and to stop punishing myself for my mistakes in life. I finally found ME! Kerie is the real gift and I am blessed to have worked with her. You will be too!”

Hypnosis for rapid personal change  Testimonial from P. Atton – Elementary School Teacher (Rohnert Park, CA) January 2005 ( Inspiration into Action)
“This testimonial is about how my inner guidance led me to meet Kerie. I had never met Kerie or heard about her. The hypnosis clinic she was working at was offering a free personalized session with her. This voice in my head said, “Do it!” The only time slot available conflicted with my work schedule, but that voice kept saying to me, “Do it!” I decided to take the time slot and I went home.

The next day, things did not go so well at work. I almost cancelled my appointment, but that the urge to go to this appointment was so strong. At that time in my life, I was very confused, I was searching for some answers and I was hoping this new person would be just what I needed. I was desperate and distraught.

I kept my appointment and everything changed for me. Before I even addressed my concerns, Kerie told me what she felt would be good for me today. It was like she was reading me like an open book. She knew what I needed, even before I spoke. When I asked her how she knew my situation, she just laughed and told me, “I hear that all the time.” Kerie answered all my questions, gave me the guidance I needed, made me an incredible CD, and brought hope back into my life. It was like I was called to go see her because I felt so lost. Kerie congratulated me on following my intuition and I am so thankful I did! Kerie, you are a blessing to this world!”