hypnosis for sexuality

Hypnosis for sexuality success stories at Empowered Within.

Hypnosis for sexuality

Hypnosis for sexuality Testimonial from Lindsey T. (Surviving Infidelity) – November 2011
“Kerie, I just wanted to thank you for how quick you have responded to me. You have been such a tremendous help in my whirlwind life at this time. You were very helpful initially when I had problems with ordering, etc. Your session have been priceless. Thank you! I really can feel that you genuinely care! It means so much to me, more than you will ever know. Even though we have never met….I feel as if we have.”

Hypnosis for sexuality Testimonial from Michael T., United Kingdom (Help with Female Orgasm) September 2011
“You do some very good work. I believe in giving credit where it’s due. I’ve tried several sites but your sessions are the best I’ve found; the combination of the “natural” language you use and your very seductive delivery set your sessions apart from others. I’m expecting a month or so before your sessions have their full effect – at which time I can exalt your brilliance. It’s the ability to relax and more regularly, successfully build an orgasm that we need to work on; my partner is very conscious of the time it takes, which is not a problem for me and I do reassure her but it is counter productive for her climax. The more she is aware of the time, the more difficult it is for her to reach that “tipping point” where the mind “switches off” and the physical feeling takes over, so to speak. This is a wonderful process (The Yes Experience) when there is relationship issues or the relationship needs a new spark. And if “Yes…” made you blush, then I take that as a recommendation!”

Hypnosis for Sexuality
Hypnosis for sexuality

Hypnosis for sexuality Testimonial from Katrina T. (NE) Note: It only cost her $6.95 to overcome this issue.
” Dear Kerie, I ordered your MP3 therapy on Overcoming Vaginismus out of desperation. A week after beginning listening, I had the first pain free sex of my life- something I had all but given up hope on (I’m 38). I tried “everything”- couples counseling, medical specialists, and was even prescribed lidocaine to numb the area. I really wasn’t sure pain free sex was even possible for me. This weekend, not only was it pain free- it was even fun- and something I am looking forward to exploring!!!! Thank you- for bringing light and hope for the future! Truly amazing. Many blessings!!!!!! You changed my life.” 

Hypnosis for sexuality Testimonial from Anonymous (Female Orgasm after child birth) Salem, Oregon – September 2011
“All my husband can say is, “Thank You Kerie! I am your biggest Fan!!!” I met my husband in high school and I never felt sexy or confident as a woman. After having giving birth to five children, my sex drive went out the door. My husband still desired me and wanted sex, but I felt empty and flat. I know you warned me and were very embarrassed to help me because you said, “You will never look at me the same way again”. I need to feel desire for my husband again. My sex drive was zero. After listening to your two recordings, I felt so confident and sexy. I wanted to please my husband. For the first time in my life, I initiated sex and seduced my husband. He was shocked! He has been smiling for the past 2-weeks. I cannot thank you enough for supporting me in feeling comfortable in my own skin. My husband’s excited every night to see what I will do next (wink). Your talents go way beyond what I ever expected or dreamed. You truly are a blessing to our marriage!”

Hypnosis for sexuality Testimonial from Samantha R. (Eugene, Oregon) – October 2010
“Kerie, all I can say is, “You’re a gift to this earth”. I have always been extremely self-conscious, worried if I am attractive enough, my body is appealing enough, how can I win over this man, and will this guy like me. I was always giving up myself to please a man and ignoring my true feelings and desires. After your help and support, I finally feel comfortable in my own skin. I now honor and respect my body. I am not willing to have sex, just to please a man. I now wait and look forward to having that sweet connection with a man. And with your help, I did meet that man. It was so liberating to say, “No” to men, who just saw me as an object. You helped me move past my rejections, betrayal and hurt feelings from men. I never realized how wounded I felt because I was always suppressing my feelings. I will always hold you in my prayers. Thank you for not judging me and for REALLY seeing me as a worthy person of being loved.”