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hypnosis for stress and anxiety

Hypnosis for stress and anxiety success stories at Empowered Within

Hypnosis for stress and anxiety


Hypnosis for stress and anxiety Testimonial from VT – Trauma Survivor (Oakland, CA) November 2005
“I want to thank Kerie because I have changed in a “deep” way. I now have a feeling of “ease” of a lot of negativity from my PTSD – less triggered. Thank you for believing in me and the gifts you gave me”.

Hypnosis for stress and anxiety Testimonial from Andrea B. (Salem, Oregon) June 2012
“Thank you so much Kerie. After listen to your cds, I haven’t had one panic attack. I feel so much better. I love you and your work!”

Hypnosis for stress and anxiety Testimonial from LA – Middle School Teacher (California) January 2005 My favorite!
“Kerie is has given me one of the most positive experiences in my life. I tell everyone that she is like a loving and supportive mother sitting at the end of your bed. She will tell you that you are loved, you can do anything, you are special, and how she believes in you. I came to her in the most difficult and stressful times of my life. Kerie has been a blessing in my life. She has given me strength when I needed it the most. I just adore you for the life changing gifts you have given me. I cannot thank you enough. Your GREAT!” (This is my favorite because of who this woman is and how she stood by her beliefs with great integrity for the children of our future. I assisted her, so she could assist hundreds of children. I am very proud of her inner strength, wisdom and commitment.)

Hypnosis for stress and anxiety Testimonial from David Wilcox (Montana) – February 2012
“p.s. Your recordings have been a blessing in my life. I use at least one almost every night before bed to help me to go to sleep. It has been stressful this last 6 months with the disablement of my Dad and having to put him in a nursing home and also my sister (and 2 children) moved up here because she is getting divorced. So I have had to be a rock, which is okay.

I have had severe anxiety problems since i was 16 and it has effected my social and occupational functioning. (long story short) Anyway, thank you for your recordings. :)”

Hypnosis for stress and anxiety Testimonial from SJ – Grief Support Counselor (Mill Valley, CA) February 2005
“I am very impressed with how quickly I changed. After one session, I found myself having clearer communication with coworkers and friends. I use to say it in my head first and now I just say it. I trust myself more. I am more comfortable in my own skin. Kerie has helped me reverse the negative voice in my head. The critical or defeating voice is no longer running that negative tape. I am more in touch with my feelings and I feel great. All these changes in only one session! Thank you Kerie!”