hypnosis for weight loss

Hypnosis for weight loss success stories at Empowered Within.
Hypnosis for weight loss


Hypnosis for weight loss Testimonial from J. Swenson (Monmouth, OR) – May 2010“When I first met Kerie I was making poor food choices, I skipped breakfast, ate fast food for lunch, craves sweets, and slept poorly. After my first session I noticed immediate changes. I found myself automatically making better food choices. I was removing heavy sauces from my food and didn’t put butter on a roll, which shocked my husband. I did feel like I was being deprived and was really nice. I sleep much better, drink more water and I’m more active now. It was worth every penny! I love this program and would recommend giving it a try. Thank you Kerie.”

Hypnosis for weight loss Testimony for Kerie Logan, by LP, from Arizona (May 2012)
“Growing up, I was always athletic and very fit. I never struggled with weight issues until I became a very busy working parent, and often snacked on the go. When I realized I had strayed too far from the healthier, slimmer body I once had, I decided to do something about it. All I saw other people doing were fad diets, many of which did not seem healthy or balanced. I was looking for something to improve my health, and reduce stress on my mind and my body when I found Kerie. It only took one listen to her personal weight loss program to realize what I was doing wrong that had seemed so innocent at the time. Chips and crackers were my main downfall…the salty things that were often quick and easy. I started listening to Kerie’s recording on weekends, as my restful break in the day. I found myself shopping differently almost immediately. The best part was that I did not even have to think about it, because the foods that were not helpful simply quit appealing to me. I never even wanted to go down the cracker isle at the store. A coworker offered a beautiful array of cookies and cupcakes one day and all I remember thinking was those look amazing, but I am just not in the mood for one. Within three weeks I had lost 7 pounds. My whole family started eating better as a result of my buying healthier food and making fresh fruit and vegetable snacks. It was so incredibly easy to make this change with the help from Kerie’s kind voice and relaxing recordings that I could not imagine doing this any other way.”

Hypnosis for weight loss Testimonial from K. Jones – Stay at Home Mom (Corvallis, OR) – November 2006
“Since I have been working with Kerie my life has truly changed. I am so much happier, I enjoy my kids so much more, I am calmer, I laugh more, I let the little things go, I have less baggage, and my clothing is looser. I feel reborn as if I am starting my life over. Plus I was able to have half an Oreo cookie and I was completely satisfied. I am 100 times better now since I met Kerie. Thank you so much!”

Hypnosis for weight loss Testimonial from DT – Retired Registered Nurse ( San Rafael, CA) – February 2006
“I write this to anyone in need of help to make personal changes in their lives. I met Kerie Logan in April 2005. I went to her with significant health and emotional problems and feelings of doubt, hopelessness and helplessness. Seven months later I have lost almost fifty pounds, exercise regularly and have normalized my blood work. Most importantly I have a spirit in my heart that I can never remember having before. I live a life of optimism and bliss no matter what is going on around me. Kerie showed me a way of living I did not know existed.

Kerie’s voice and words fill you with the tools you need to make the changes you want and need. For me the beginning of change was immediate and I know for the first time in my life that I can make the changes permanent. Her presence is calming and assuring. I instantly felt that I was with a trusted old friend. When I had doubt, she was there for me to help with problem solving. Her knowledge of nutrition and life changing strategies were always there when I needed them. I highly recommend working with Kerie – you have everything to gain”.

Hypnosis for weight loss
Hypnosis for weight loss
Hypnosis for weight loss
Testimonial from Jasmine R. – Bank Manager (Salem, Oregon)
 – March 2007
“I came to see Kerie for just weight loss in January 2007. Kerie tailored her program to assist me with my wine addiction, my habit of eating on the go in my car, eating fast food, becoming more active, and sleeping better at night. I now get the best nights sleep by listening to her voice! I now have portion control, I am eating slower, I drink more water and I hated water, I am walking in the morning, making healthier food choices, and I am no longer depressed or sad. Thank you Kerie for your compassion, understanding and unique gift.”

Hypnosis for weight loss Testimonial from Yvonne B. – Golden Gate Transit Bus Driver (Novato, CA) – August 2005
“Kerie Logan helped me lose 27 pounds through hypnosis. As a result of this weight loss, I can now walk more than 2-miles per day. Before my weight loss, I could only walk a block and I would get very tired. People tell me that I smile more and have become a happier person. I believe it’s true. I feel more peaceful these days too.

I listen to my CD’s for weight loss 2 or 3 times a day. These hypnosis CD’s that Kerie made for me are very kind and inspirational. These CD’s make me believe in my own strength and personal power, so that I want to lose weight. I eat right and exercise every day and take 2 days off a week. I could not have done it without the wonderful compassion and kindness of Kerie Logan and her hypnosis CD’s. I highly recommend Kerie Logan and her CD’s for weight loss and any other problems you may be experiencing. You have nothing to lose, but your weight!”

Hypnosis for weight loss Testimonial from Craig S. – Office Manager (San Rafael, CA) – April 2005
“Kerie is non-judgmental. She tailors her hypnosis sessions to my current needs. She’s been very supportive of my weight-loss efforts”.

Hypnosis for weight loss Testimonial from Jason C. – Bed & Breakfast Owner (Lagunitas, CA) – July 2006
“Kerie Logan is a wonderful teacher, hypnotherapist and personal trainer. I know this personally. Kerie helped get me back on track with my exercise by listening to her tapes specifically made for me and in her classroom talks.

The taped sessions reinforced the information talks about exercise and choices in food that could improve health and assist in weight loss. I lost approximately 10 lbs. in less than three months using the hypnotherapy, tapes and coaching Kerie provided. I highly recommend her services for those of us who want to improve our health and well being for the long term.”

Hypnosis for Weight Loss
Hypnosis for weight loss
Hypnosis for weight loss
Testimonial from Deanna E. – Hospice Employee (Greenbrae, CA)
 – May 2005
“I am thrilled that you now have your own weight loss program as I believe you are very gifted. I truly appreciate all you have done to help me to keep off 30 pounds. I still have another 15 pounds are so to lose, but that is just a matter of listening to my tapes consistently. Your voice is great, and your ability to weave in appropriate images and music in a very integrated way is superb. It is an art, and you have the gift.”

Hypnosis for weight loss Testimonial from Helen C – (Mill Valley, CA) – January 2005
“After my first session with Kerie, I found that I was not triggered by chocolate. I was surprised how I lost the desire and want for chocolate. Even my coworkers were shocked and tired to get me to have some chocolate. I have always hadaddictive behaviors and I doubted it could be this easy. I am very impressed how my results are going so well. I was very skeptic and did not think hypnosis would work for me. I was wrong!”

Hypnosis for weight loss Testimonial from VE – Office Manager (Sebastopol, CA) – February 2006
Kerie has assisted me in making some major changes in my life. I no longer emotionally eat to stuff down my feelings. I know recognize my feelings and thoughts. I have become more productive and happy. I also no longer allow myself to paralyzed by negative people. I now stand up for myself and speak my truth. I realize now that it is not about weight loss, it is about my relationship with myself. Kerie has helped me reduce my stress in a positive way. I am now stepping over the line and changing my life. Kerie truly has a gift!”

Hypnosis for weight loss Testimonial from K. Leanords – Dental Assistant (San Francisco, CA) – April 2005
“After my first session and 3-weeks later, I have lost 10 pounds. I am making healthier food choices, I am eating much less, drinking more water, and I have taken all her positive suggestions and changes back into my own life experience. I was amazed how easy it could be. I feel great and my self confidence has improved. My husband is even impressed with my changes and outlook on life.”