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hypnosis pain control

Hypnosis pain control, self healing, surgery recovery, and cancer success stories at Empowered Within

hypnosis pain control


Hypnosis pain control Testimonial from S. Ashworth (Tustin, CA) – March 2007 “I listened to Kerie’s surgery CD’s to help me cope with a major surgery. When in pain, I would put on the CD and let her voice soothe me so I could get through another hour. I felt she was actually by my bedside encouraging me through each step of my recovery. Thank you Kerie for your comforting words and your ability to help me manage my pain. These CD’s are a MUST for anyone who is having surgery!

Hypnosis pain control Testimonial from Dr Giuseppe Conte (PhD), Italy – January 2012
Dear Kerie, 
I wish you a happy 2012 – and in doing so, I also want to thank you for the free resources you make available on your site. I have been reduced to a situation of large debts by my health situation and I greatly benefited from your free healing tapes.Thank you so much and all the best!”

 Hypnosis pain control Testimonial from Jerri Ward (Canada) – May 2010
“Kerie, I want to thank you so much for your website. It has been a blessing for me. I have suffered from treatment resistant depression for 39 yrs. , and bipolar disorder for 17 yrs. I also live with chronic pain and many chronic health problems. I am on disability and due to my health situation do not have extra money for things such as the hypnosis downloads that benefit me so much. Thank you so much sharing your gift so freely with those of us who would otherwise be unable to benefit. You are awesome at what you do. You have a true gift. Again, thank you for allowing me to share it. It helps to make my days a whole lot better and give me hope that tomorrow will be even better. I breath better, think better, relax better and feel better. Bless You!”

Hypnosis pain control Testimony for Kerie Logan, by LP, from Arizona (May 2012)
“The word hypnotism itself brings to mind all sorts of pictures and ideas many of which are blanketed in taboo and stigmatism. The swinging watch, the patient under a spell, the loss of control that many people associate with it and the hypnotist. Add year after year of seeing people jump around like chickens on stage at a hypnotism stage show performed at the county fair growing up, it was the last thing on my list to ever consider trying. Who would sign up for that I thought as a teenager? At the same time I was very athletic in track and running hurdles. Several times a day I would practice the hurdles and form in my mind, to perfect my skills. It was a relaxing way to improve my coordination and felt natural. Little did I realize this self-imagery I had made up on my own was a form of self-hypnosis. I later applied it to many areas of my life, always thinking of it as” imagery” and “meditation”.

When I needed surgery on my sinuses and my nose, I tried to use the same mental imagery, but the medications and splints in my nose made focusing challenging. I decided to look for an imagery recording online to help keep my mind on track with healing. This is when I came across Kerie Logan and Empowered within. I did some research and realized that while she is a certified “hypnotist”, much of what she helps people do, is akin to what I was practicing in sports. It demystified the process, and I started using her recordings for my healing. Her voice was easy to follow, soothing, and she had many recordings to choose from to speed up healing. At my follow up appointments, the medical personnel were amazed at how well I tolerated it all, and how fast I healed from the surgery. With the cost of healthcare and lost days of employment that accompany illness, surgery and injuries, it amazes me that more people do not embrace this complementary therapy to speed their recovery.

My whole family became interested in using Kerie’s recordings, from my 6 year old daughter, to my senior citizen mother. Kerie had so many to choose from and helped us find programs to fit each individual. We all use them for personal, educational, professional growth and health.”

Hypnosis pain control
Hypnosis pain control

Hypnosis pain control Testimonial from Becky B. (Golden, CO) – June 2008
“I wanted to tell you that I listened (under anesthesia) to the cancer surgery CD on my Ipod over and over again while I had surgery for a double mastectomy last week. I woke up feeling great and my surgeons say I get the “award” for feeling and looking so good in the days immediately following surgery. I think part of it must be listening to these CD’s before, during and after the surgery. So thanks!”

Hypnosis pain control Testimonial from Jennifer N. – Popular Local Painter/Artist (San Geronimo, CA) – August 2005
“I was worried about getting my knee surgery and after utilizing Kerie’s complete surgery CD’s, my surgery was stress free and I recovered much faster. Thank you for your support and healing words!”

Hypnosis pain control Testimonial from Kathleen M. (Australia) – February 2012
“I am just now listening to the subliminal mp3 for pain control. I love the music!”

Hypnosis pain control Testimonial from KM – (Reno, NV) – January 2009
“Thank you so much for the work you are doing. You have been an answer to my prayers. I love your work, and thank you for including your recent MP3 on numbness. Keep up the great job; you rock, as my teen would say. God bless you.”

Hypnosis pain control Testimonial from SH – Librarian (Mill Valley, CA) – April 2005
“Thank you so much for the new CD for my sister in Germany. I listened to it last night and it was absolutely beautiful. Maybe the best I have heard so far. Everything you do is nice and in good taste. My sisters shingles are getting better! Thanks again.”

Hypnosis pain control Testimonial from Harold. S. (Klamath Falls, OR) – June 2008
“When I met Kerie I had some issues. I had pressure in my back, which enabled me to work. Since I could not work, I felt like a failure in supporting my family. Kerie not only helped my back pain, she helped to increase my self esteem and confidence. I soon found myself more get up and go, less depressed, feeling better about myself, more positive, and able to do more things around the house. Thank you so much Kerie!”

Hypnosis pain control Testimonial from David C. (Hays, KS) – August 2010
“I am very impressed with your products for health and insomnia. You truly have a gift.”

Hypnosis pain control
Hypnosis pain control

Hypnosis pain control Testimonial from CF – Retired Business Owner (Novato, CA) – December 2004
“My wife has seen 9 doctors and had various surgeries on her back to relieve her pain. Nothing worked, it only made it worse. Once she saw Kerie, she finally experienced true pain relief. We love her!.”

Hypnosis pain control Testimonial from SR – Nutritional Business Owner (United Kingdom) – November 2006
“I found the cell regeneration CD particularly helpful. I have had IBS for many years and it was not until I tried hypnosis. I realized that nutritional therapy could help up to a point, but one also has to address the mind/body link if there is stress involved. I believe your self hypnosis CD’s are extremely well put together and I intend to recommend them to future clients of mine. Thank you again.”