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Hypnosis suggestibility tests at Empowered Within


You can try our free hypnosis suggestibility tests today. Just find a quiet place to relax and be free of distractions. This hypnosis suggestibility test is only 4 minutes long.

Many people are curious about hypnosis and how it works. Some people are afraid of it because of the stage shows. I am afraid of that crap too! It isn’t very intelligent, and I don’t like it.

I have never been trained in it and have no desire to learn how to make someone bark like a dog or cluck like a chicken. It makes hypnosis look bad in my opinion. I can only say those people are trained to weed out those who are not so suggestible.

The key to making hypnosis work is relaxation and trusting the person who is speaking to you. If you don’t trust the person or feel comfortable, it will not work! I have learned over the years, as a professional female clinical hypnotherapist, that most women do not feel comfortable with a male hypnotist if they have issues with men. The same goes with men.

Now, if you find out that hypnosis works for you, great! Now, if your hands do not move at all, don’t worry about it. Mine did not move at all too, but I still use and believe in hypnosis. I am very strong-willed, and trust is a big factor. So, for hypnosis to work for me, I always have to give myself a little pep talk. Then, I leave everything outside the room, allowing my imagination to take over. I focus on my feelings and sensations. I believe it to be so. Why do I do this? The mind doesn’t know the difference between real and imagination.

For example, those simulated rides that bounce all around can still give you the sensation of falling. You can feel it in your gut. Your imagination has the same power! So try our free hypnosis suggestibility tests and any of our other free audio recordings at Empowered Within blog.