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i am meditation video

I am meditation video by Kerie Logan at Empowered Within

The purpose of this meditation is to first withdraw the consciousness from the body and center it in the spine. To feel and focus on the energy moving. The second step is to imagine yourself on a mountain and you will imagine things in nature that living. You will affirm for example, “I am…the drifting cloud. I am…the wind dancing across the sky. I love…the serenity I feel. I receive…a wonderful joy within my heart.” With this I am meditation video, you will feel more grounded, refreshed, centered, renewed, and calm.

It is best to practice this I am meditation video everyday, for 30-days to get the best results. The video is only 13 minutes long and can done anytime of the day. Just find a quiet place to relax and listen.

This recording is great for kids, teens and adults. Enjoy!



i am meditation video

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This I am meditation video was professionally created by Kerie Logan at www.empoweredwithin.com.