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Kerie Logan
Empowered Within
Children’s Month

I am proud to say that my #5 video on YouTube is the magical playground for children. I only have two free videos online for children and this made me start to think. As I thought, I got clarity because my desire is to make this world a better place to live. Therefore, I set an intention this month to dedicate my focus on supporting children all over the globe. In my line of work, it is easier to “heal not fix” a child. As adults, we can have many layers of emotional baggage. And the children are the future, so empowering them is key!

In March I went to Seattle, WA for the Emerald City Comic Convention. There must have been hundreds of artists there, but I felt drawn to 4 pictures created by 3 talented artists. Once I got the pictures home, they began to speak to me as if they all had a wonderful story and purpose to share with the world. I decided to quiet my mind and listen.The information I received was as if it came from heaven above. Therefore, I put on my mic and just allowed spirit to flow within. That is when the magic happened. This movie began to play before my eyes and I just spoke into the mic what I saw, heard and felt. There was no script or written draft. It was just free flowing love from start to finish.

The recording I made are available online at YouTube as well as my website. The 4 prints/images that inspired this work are displayed in each video as well as the artists information. Here are the titles and descriptions:

1. Your Friend Totoro – Guided Imagery for Young at Heart
(This recording is based off the delightful movie, “Your Neighbor Totoro”. In this process you will pretend to be in a magical field and there is Totoro. You will pretend to go on a journey with him on his golden top. You will find yourself feeling as if you are on top of the world and you will enjoy playing with Totoro. Once you are tired, you will relax on Totoro’s warm, round belly. There are lots of positive statements and affirmations. One of my friends listens to this at work for a power nap, so this good for all ages.
YouTube Link or Online mp3 purchase
2. Quest for the Golden Heart – Guided Imagery for Kids
(This story came to me at 4am. The image is of Puss N Boots. The story is about going on quest with Puss to get the golden heart. There are so many wonderful layers in this story about overcoming fear, looking at fear differently, having courage, increasing self belief as well as self-esteem, and realizing that you are important. The world is a better place with you in it! After all everyone wants to feel loved, important and worthy. This recording covers it all. I was just amazed when I finished it. Lots of love put into it.)
YouTube Link or Online mp3 purchase

YouTube Viewers Comment: Tom Bradly – Quest for the Golden Heart.  “I loved this story.  I loved bringing out the inner child in me.  Thank you so much for this Kerie.  I loved being a child again.  It made me so happy.”

3. Spirit of Life – Guided Imagery for Children

(So many people want to improve their home, community and other countries/places around the world. When I got the message and story from this image, I really got “HOW” we can do that. So if you want to support our planet and help others around the globe as well as yourself, please listen to this recording. I will create a blank canvas in your mind and you will paint it. So if your community has crime, anger, sadness, or any of those negative emotions, you will be able to neutralize those lower energy levels and fill with love, peace, freedom, cooperation, kindness, or hope. Remember…our thoughts do create things. When we use our imagination, feelings and thoughts, we can create miracles!)

4. The Secret – Guided Imagery for Kids

(Many of us can get caught up in judgment or fear just because another person or thing looks different. This creates separation and that person you are afraid of might be your next best friend. You just have to overcome the lies people spread about another and listen to your heart. We all look, dress and speak differently. So just because a person might look funny or out of place does not mean they do not have feelings too.This is the first print I bought at the convention. It just kept speaking to me and I was in awe with it. Now I know “WHY” I fell in love with it. So in this recording you will realize how it is important to follow your heart when meeting some new who looks different from you and if need be, keep your friendship a secret if other will not be able to understand.)

Story: We are ALL the Same (Big or Small)

I am going to get rather personal here, but the love and light that speaks to me wants me to share this personal story. I am always guided to share stories with my clients because a good story always has meaning and truth to it. So here we go.

In 2012, I was watching a movie in the theater with my daughter. This man appeared and he was playing a scary role. For whatever reason, I did not see him as that. For the first time ever in my life, I saw him smiling at me. I felt as if I knew him. This surprised me and I did not know what to think about it. When he died in the movie I was sad and said out loud, “No!”. My daughter looked at me and was like, “What is wrong with you? He is the bad guy!” When the move got out, I told her what was happening. She was confused and so was I.

Several months passed and my best friends Ana kept bugging me to watch this show on TV. I really don’t watch TV and have no desire to get hooked into a TV series. But the show was playing on her computer and there he was. This time he was not scary, but smiling. My face lite up, my heart opened, my eyes started to shine, and the whole room was filled with love. For a split second in my mind I say myself facing him, holding hands in this white room with no walls or windows. We were looking into each other eyes, smiling at one another. Oh course, my friend dropped her jaw. I was not under the influence of any drugs, alcohol, smoke, or just came out of an Indian sweat lodge. So when she took me out of this trance like state, I was baffled, just like you must be now. And just like my daughter, she wanted to know what the hell was wrong with me! When I told her what I see and feel, she was amazed. I am not the type of person to seek out a celebrity or has the desire to meet one. I respect a persons privacy and personal space. So this was very strange for me. Yet deep inside I wanted to know why I see him smiling back at me and why I felt the way I did. I tried watching his TV series, but could not get into it. What I saw/felt in him did not match the role he was playing. And there was scenes that made me have to cover my eyes. It just made me feel uncomfortable. That is not normal for me either. So I had to stop watching the TV series. Therefore, I put out the intention into the universe that if it was meant to be, I would very much like to meet this person face to face one day.

This March the universe answered my request. It was not force, planned or expect. It was actually a nice surprise because everything lined up. I already promised my daughter that we would go to Seattle, WA to see if we could selling her art next year at the Comic Convention. So my intention was really first to support my daughter and meeting him was just an added gift.

When I saw him speak in front of a panel of maybe a thousand people, my heart must have filled the whole room. It was such an intense feeling! His personality is a lot like mine and his desire the support the planet was the same. On the last day of the convention and the last open time schedule to meet him, I felt totally at ease. I was in line with all his fans when my daughter asked, “Are you nervous?”. I replied, “No. I just seems like the next logical step. It has all worked out perfectly. I am very happy.”

When I met him, it was like meeting an old friend. My heart was open and the energy around me was sweet and warm. When he looked at the picture I chose for him to sign, he asked, “Are you a fan of the show?” I said, “No.” Then he asked in a puzzled tone of voice, “Why did you pick this picture?” I replied, “It is the only picture of you sort of smiling. Those other pictures look like you want to beat me up and you have such a beautiful smile. We need more smiles in the world anyway.” I guess that made him think because he requested his assistant Holly get him some pictures of him smiling for his fans. Then he commented on his picture. He felt he looked like he just got out of the dentist chair and it was not a fun experience. He did not like his picture and what he saw did not match what I saw in him. Of course it made me laugh because he has a sweet sense of humor, but here comes the two morals of this story.

When I walked away, I began to chatting with my daughter and close friend. I was glad he did not ask me if I was a fan of his TV series because that would have opened up a whole new can of worms. When we got on the subject of his picture, I finally read what he wrote, “Kerie, Well, you make me smile so there’s that! ;)”. That warmed my heart even more. Then we started to talk about how he does not like his picture and feels unattractive or unappealing. So I said, “You both know what I would have said to him right? I say it to my clients, family members and friends. I only choose to see the beautiful side of you, therefore what you think is ugly, not your best feature or unappealing is not my main focus. We are all too darn hard on ourselves.”

The first moral to this story is you can be a famous or just your average Joe. We all judge ourselves to harshly and/or focus on our flaws. People need to learn to give themselves a break. As human beings, we need to make peace with our flaws, our bodies and those not so great photos. For there might be and is someone on this planet that sees something very differently, like me. The second moral to this story is to always follow your heart, even when it baffles your mind. Therefore, when your heart and imagination line up, stop and listen. There is wisdom and a message there for you. People may not understand, question your sanity or think you are crazy, but follow your heart. If it is meant to be, the universe will line everything up for you. You just have to set your intention and ask!

Saying: “Listen to the whispers of your heart. You will be guided.”


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