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Custom Recording CD or MP3

Custom Recording CD or MP3 Download:

Many people benefit more when a professional hypnotherapist makes custom hypnosis, meditation, guided imagery, or subliminal MP3 or CD. Why?

  1. Your name or nickname is in the custom recording.
  2. You can pick the induction relaxation technique that works best for you. It can be visual or relax different parts of the body.
  3. You can pick up to 3 things you want to change or focus on improving in your custom recording audio recording.
  4. The whole approach and audio recording are personalized and tailored to your personal needs. So you are not put into a box.
  5. You can either have a custom hypnosis CD or a personalized hypnosis mp3.
  6. If you pick the mp3 format, we will email you the audio recording.
  7. All audio recordings are done in a female voice with soothing background music by Kerie Logan at Empowered Within.
  8. If you want no background music, ask. It can be voice only.
  9. Want only background nature sounds or nature sounds weaved into the custom recording, just ask.
  10. You can either have a hypnotic ending as you slip into sleep or suggestions to awaken.
  11. You can select binaural beats, different frequency tones, a double voice process, and/or subliminal suggestions in the background.
  12. Your recording can be an affirmation style or even a walking meditation.
  13. You can review your custom hypnosis recording and make any changes or suggestions before I send you the final audio file (1-time free offer).
  14. If you have your favorite background music, email me the audio files for your recording.
  15. Your custom can be 15, 20, 30, or 40 minutes long. Just specify.

NOTE: Once a custom recording CD or MP3 is created per your online order and request, your order has been finalized.

You can request changes to your custom recording CD or MP3, but a refund is no longer available because the audio recording has been created and emailed.

It would be appreciated if you could communicate a desired change before creating the custom recording CD or MP3.

We stand by our work and will make a 1-time modification request (within reason, up to 5 changes.

You need to specify the exact time spot for the change, change in wording, and/or remove/revise).

There will be an additional charge if you require additional changes over the standard 5.

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