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A Guided Meditation on Death Transition-Investigation CD



Track 1 – A Guided Meditation on Death Transition: This meditation for one who is preparing for death. You want to internalize these words by meditating on them. In this practice you want to engage the heart, not the intellectual mind. As you work/play with this meditation, remember that this is not what death is like- this is what a meditation on death is like. This meditation is a training in just letting go. Allow this meditation to pour from your heart. Let it come forth with your intuition and love. Trust that the loved one will find their way through with your compassion and encouragement. 27 minutes
Track 2 A Guided Meditation on Dying (Finding Peace): Death is a process of expansion. It is a progressive release from the dominance of the qualities that compose all substance. This meditation has been employed widely by those who are dying as well as by those helping a loved one prepare for death. To let go of the last moment and to open to the next is to die consciously, moment to moment. You will go beyond the limited comprehension of the mind, to the enormous intuition of the heart. Before you do this meditation, look about your home for a place to die. Go from room to room surveying the ambiance and sensing if you had to come home to die. Sit there to experiment with the meditation. Later, as the meditation becomes more your own, you will be able to die anywhere. 27 minutes

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