Asperger Syndrome Help with Self Hypnosis Suggestions CD



Track 1 – Asperger Syndrome: This condition is characterized by narrow interests or preoccupation with a subject to the exclusion of other activities, repetitive behaviors or rituals, socially and emotionally inappropriate behavior and interpersonal interaction and clumsy and uncoordinated movements.Now the good new is that your subconscious mind can control all of these things. All we have to do is to show it how it should behave. 30 minutes
Track 1 – Anxiety Worry: Have you begun to realize that all that worrying that you’ve been doing over the past few years hasn’t done any good at all. Life does have it’s a series of ups and downs and we have to experience the lows to really appreciate the highs and the middle ground. Yet when things went wrong in the past, did you get worried until you made yourself ill? If so, this CD is for you. Ask yourself – does worrying change or improve anything for you? Worry creates stress. Nobody really likes a worrier because it can make them worry as well. 30 minute sand it will follow accordingly. Hypnosis is the perfect method to achieve this. 30 minutes

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