Birthing Hypno Audio Recording in Soothing Female Voice CD



Track 1 – Wonderful Birthing Experience: This hypno birthing process is assisting you in allowing your conscious mind to do exactly what needs to be done for the delivery of this baby. You will place your mind some place else as you think about the weeks and months after the delivery of your baby. You will also imagine communicating with your child. It is suggested that when it is time to go into true labor, you will instantly be able to create the numbness and the anesthetization needed. This process is good for any pregnancy stage before labor. 30 minutes
Track 2 – Muscular Relaxation: In this hypno birthing process you are giving yourself permission to relax and go to a special place in your mind. Then you will imagine a white cloud in the sky. You will be able to put excess baggage, all your worries and troubles into the cloud. As the cloud gets heavier, you get lighter. You will relax, relax, relax. 32 minutes

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