Bonding with Baby with Self Hypnosis Help CD



Track 1 – Bonding with Baby Visualization: This hypno birthing process is on you going inside and connecting to your baby that is growing and developing deep within your womb. You can use this CD even anytime during your stage of pregnancy. When you make contact with your baby, you will repeat in your mind “You are mine and I am yours forever. We are one and will always be one”. You will experience a bonding between you and your unborn child with this CD. Tere are several visualization techniques in this recording to enhance your bond and feel more connected. 29 minutes
Track 2 – Enchanted Forest Relaxation Technique: When you further along in your pregnancy, you may discover that you will get that nesting urge. This nesting feeling can be somewhat stressful and this relaxation process will assist in soothing you. You will imagine walking through a field of clover. It’s a beautiful day, the sun is shining, it’s warm and there is a soft, gentle breeze, which makes you feel comfortable. This journey will make you feel lazy and relaxed. 19 minutes

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