Breast Feeding Adopted Baby with Self Hypnosis Technique CD



Track 1 – Breast Feeding Adopted Baby: As you know research has extensively shown the health benefits in breastfeeding. With this process you can stimulate the production of milk in conjunction with using a breast pump to promote the production of milk. 29 minutes
Track 2 – Balloon Release and Healing Sun Visualization: This process is many clients favorite stress relief tool. You will hear the sounds of the ocean waves, while you stroll on the beach. You will discover a deflated balloon and fill all your worries, concerns or stress into it. Then you will tie a strong knot and release it. Watching it float into the air. Once it is gone, you face the ocean. You can feel the warmth from the sun and it soothes you. You will stand on the beach and allow the sun to heal you. 23 minutes

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