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Breast Feeding Help with Self Hypnosis CD



Track 1 – Breast Feeding Help: This hypnosis breast feeding help process allows the mom during a guided meditation to visualize the miraculous nursing process while nursing their babies. It will assist with any breast feeding worries or doubts and allow you to experience the joy in breast feeding your child. 28 minutes
Track 2 – Stress Relaxation: In this process you will imagine in front of you is a door. You will walk through it and as you do, there is a shield in front of the door. This shield is an invisible force field, which will not allow negative feelings or bad habits through. They will be left behind and will not bother you again. When you step through the door, you will be stepping into a lovely calm place, this is your tranquil place where you can come at anytime. You will allow your imagination to show you this place in your mind. It could be a room or a beach or anywhere you feel totally at ease, totally relaxed. 28 minutes

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