Building Confidence with Self Hypnosis Suggestions CD



Track 1 – Confidence Building: This self hypnosis process will allow you to learn new things about yourself. You will find your own way to discover your abilities and be able to rely on yourself, which permits you to do the right thing, at the right time. You will be able to recognize and learn your body’s signals and body language. Therefore, noticing when you become nervous and being able to control your adrenalin. You will learn to relax as you affirm that you are confident, successful and goal-oriented. 28 minutes
Track 2 – Confidence Builder: This hypnotherapy process is using a NLP technique called “Parts Therapy”. In this process you will allow all parts of you to work together. Why this is important is there may be one part of you that wants to be more confident and another part of you that is afraid or has been hurt. The thing to realize is even though you may consider the “other part” as being negative, it ALWAYS has a positive underlying intent or it would not exist. That “other part” is protecting you from being hurt again and in this process you can negotiate all differences, allowing the old ways of thinking and acting to now end. Parts therapy is very powerful and it creates wholeness. 24 minutes

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