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Cancer Care Hypnosis CD



Track 1 – PacMan Cancer Visualization: This process focus is on healing as well as pain relief. You will find any part of your body that is currently feeling any pain or discomfort and go into a healing space to change it. Then you will imagine the white marker cells as Pacman moving and flowing through your blood stream. You will energize these Pacman cells as well as imagine any tumors shrinking within your body. This CD goes even deeper and removes the cell memory of fear and doubt, trauma and pain. This is one of the most powerful cancer healing CD’s I offer to my clients. It will fill you with understanding and self love. 35 minutes
Track 2 – Working with Cancer Part 2:This process will focus on your body being more capable in working with the medicines. You will also get in touch with your body and ask your body some questions. In this process you are allowing your body to eliminate any unhealthy cells, leaving the healthy cells and healthy systems intact. Your body will be healing at a cellular level and when you have chemotherapy treatment, the medicine moves through your body like Pacman. Some great imagery work and powerful suggestions within this process. 44 minutes


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