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Cancer Healing Self with Hypnotherapy Suggestions CD



Track 1 – Freeing Your Body of Cancer: This hypnotherapy process will focus on visualizing and realizing that the cancerous cells in your body are shrinking and getting smaller in your mind’s eye. You will focus on rebuilding every cell, every system and every organ of your body. You will imagine the white blood cells dissolving and ridding the body of cancerous cells in your body. You will also let go any negative thoughts, beliefs and outside influences. 36 minutes
Track 2 – Destroying and Dissolving Cancer Cells Guided Imagery: In this audio recording process you will imagine your immune system strong and powerful throughout your body. You will affirm it is strong and powerful as you imagine what your cancer cells look like. You will imagine them being weak and confused. As you imagine the white blood cells, you will see them as strong and powerful, surging throughout your body. Your immune system will release a large army of white blood cells as they dissolve and destroy cancer cells. This process contains positive affirmations. 36 minutes

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