Change My Life CD



Track 1 – Life Changes: This process will assist you with your wanting change in your life. If you have wanted things to be different for a long time, then this CD is for you. If you have tried to make these changes before but haven’t had success or maybe haven’t had success permanently, then you need this CD. The ultimate way, the only true way to ever change permanently and forever is by simply changing the inside, inside your own mind. You may have changed your mind many times before permanently so you are remembering how to do it again. This CD will assist you with locking those new changes into place for you. 30 minutes
Track 1 – Overcome Being Victimized: This process is excellent for someone who has been feeling victimized by people around them (at school or work). This process will assist you in connecting to your feelings, honoring yourself, finding your voice, speaking your truth, and most importantly understanding WHY some people are bullied as well as WHY some people become bullies. 30 minutes

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