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Chemotherapy Breast Cancer Healing CD



Track 1 – Healing for Breast Cancer Chemotherapy: This process will have you visualize and see the drugs helping you. You will see and feel the medicine s going into your system and searching out any remaining cancer cells that might be anywhere in the body. You will see the medicine attacking those cells and destroying them. This process is also good for any discomfort and self healing. 35 minutes
Track 2 – Self Hypnosis for Breast Cancer: In this process you will begin your healing journey by imagining yourself being able to enter your body and communicate with your white blood cells. You will encourage and direct your immune system to dissolve any unhealthy growth that they find. This process also includes positive self hypnosis suggestion and affirmations for pain, being able to eat, releasing fears, self healing, and many more. 35 minutes
Track 3 – Breast Cancer Treatment and Recovery: This process is designed to assist you when you are in the hospital having treatment. You will first relax your body and permit the medicine to work within your body. Allowing yourself to relax so you can cope with your stay in the hospital, which will enhance your healing process. 35 minutes
Track 4 – Pain Cancer Control: This process will assist you with any pain control within your mouth, throat and stomach. You will learn how to create numbness with self hypnosis. There are also an imagery process for nausea and unpleasant feelings. 35 minutes


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