Child Birth Labor Help with Hypno Birthing Suggestions CD



Track 1 – Stress Free Child Birth: This hypno birthing process is to assist you in using your mind to create numbness and anethesation in the body, so that you can work with your body during the natural childbirth process. You will have a progressive relaxation technique throughout this process as well as learning to relax the muscles of the body. 30 minutes
Track 2 – Ocean Waves (Dissolving Your Worries & Troubles): Many nurses in the delivery ward know that the more you relax your mind and body, the easier your uterus dilates. When you are stress and worried, your dilation and delivery will take much longer-prolonging any pain and discomfort. This process is very soothing and relaxing if you love going to the beach. You will hear the oceans waves and imagine that each wave takes away all your worries and troubles. You can even match your breathing pattern to the sound of the ocean waves. 31 minutes

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