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Child Birth Without Fear using Self Hypnosis Suggestions CD



Track 1 – Pain or Anxiety as the Object: This hypnosis child birth without fear process is good for when you are experiencing any type of pain or you are experiencing anxiety during your pregnancy. What you will do is give that pain or anxiety a shape, color and size. Then you will learn how to make it smaller and how to release it. By doing this, you are allowing the feelings associated with it to become less intense. 27 minutes
Track 2 – Fear of Child Birth: This hypnosis for fear of child birth process will assist you in releasing any horror stories you may have heard from women in your past, who have had bad birth experiences. When your fears cloud your mind, it can led you into developing a fear of giving birth. In this process you will take action against your fear, rather than become paralyzed by it. 29 minutes

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