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Coaching Services at Empowered Within

At Empowered Within, we offer a variety of coaching services. After so many years of working with people, I realized quickly that nobody should be put inside a cookie-cutter box. Everyone is unique and different based on their life experiences, culture, family values, social standards, structures, spiritual or religious beliefs, and relationships.

All coaching sessions can be either two quick 30-minute sessions or one 1-hour session for $100.00.  If I think or feel a person might need to listen to a generalized recording to provide additional support, I will include it for FREE.

Communication can be over the phone or video chat. Email, text, or call for more information.


Nutritional Counseling

Our relationship with food is essential because we do need to eat to survive. The problem is many people will seek an outside source of comfort when life is stressful. Creating a plan for success is vital. Eat to live, instead of living to eat the foods that hurt our bodies, mind, and emotions.

We cannot trade in our bodies for a newer model. Therefore, learning to be mindful about what we eat and how we eat matters.

Personal Life Coaching

Life can be a roller coaster ride at times. I get it! At times, we need to talk to someone to give us an outside perspective because one can get caught on that hamster wheel or the mind is trapped in a loop of anger, negativity, fear, or sadness.

Let me support you in getting unstuck. I will teach you how to Master the Upper Rooms to transform your life and to better support you in understanding other people.

Spiritual Guidance

The highest compliment I have ever received is being told by a Catholic nun that I was her spiritual advisor because she knows a higher power, like God, talks to me. I channel for a living and I do get spiritual guidance that comes from a loving place.

This guidance has transformed so many lives in a non-judgmental manner with compassion, wisdom, truth, acceptance, forgiveness, and hope.

Family, Marriage, Friendships, & Partner Coaching

I believe one of humanities biggest struggle is dealing with family, friends, social peers, and relationships.

I am trained in narcissism, trauma informed, mental health professional, attachment styles, autism, PDA, and much more. If you are in a trauma bonded relationship, I will know right away! I am very good at reading people. I can teach you the sandwhich approach to improve your communication skills.

Work or Career Coaching

I have successfully coached people in trading, career goals, employment opportunities, attracting an investor, and discovering why someone keeps picking horrible employers. Yes, it’s true!

Let me help you solve this puzzle and give you peace of mind. Because everyone should have satisfaction and enjoyment at whatever job or career path they desire. Loving what you do for a living should be more important than money.

Manifest or Law of Attraction

I am exceptionally good at supporting people in manifesting what their heart desires, not the small minded ego. There is a complete difference. I even wrote a book about it, Affirming and Focusing on Living a Better Life.

Within 10 months, I manifested over 22 things my heart desired. Let me support you in doing the exact same thing! If you have tried and failed in the past, I will explain EXACTLY WHY and give you tools for success!

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