Confidence Increased Part 1 using NLP Technique CD



Track 1 – Awakening Your Self Confidence: This process contains a number of suggestions to help you accomplish your goals, allowing the suggestions to sink deeply into the unconscious part of your mind to create deep and lasting impressions. You will be able to think more clearly, you will become less angry and more naturally in control. Your nerves will become stronger and steadier. Your mind will become calmer and clearer as you become more composed, relaxed and tranquil. 28 minutes
Track 2 – Confidence with NLP Anchoring Technique: This process uses a NLP technique called “anchoring”. This NLP technique will assist you in feeling good, strong, positive, and confident. You can use this technique any time you need to feel those positive feeling and bring it into your awareness. This technique is so fast that it just takes 1 minute to active. You can use at work, home, around meeting people, around family members, whenever, and with whoever. Good for creating inner strength. 25 minutes

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