Coping with an Acidic Stomach Help with Self Hypnosis CD



Track 1 – Coping with an Acidic Stomach: Use your mind power to help you to over come an acidic stomach. In this guided imagery and hypnosis process you are going to avoid those foods and drinks that give you an upset stomach and really concentrate on overcoming this problem that’s been bothering you for so long. You also begin to eat smaller portions at mealtimes, you will avoid lying down with a full stomach or within 2 or 3 hours of bedtime. 30 minutes
Track 2 – Your Healing Imagery: This audio recording guided imagery process will allow you to focus your attention on the symptom or problem that has been bothering you. You will allow an image to emerge as you explore it. Then you will allow an image to emerge that represents the healing or resolution of this symptom or problem. Then you will allow this two images to merge into one, as you watch the transformation. This is a powerful healing imagery exercise. 35 minutes

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