Creating Destiny Hypnosis Own Self CD



Track 1 – Reinvent Yourself: This process is one of my favorites and many of my clients have enjoyed it. If for a long time now you’ve felt dissatisfied with the way that you are and you’ve now decided to do something about it – then this process is for you! You will take the first step by creating a more positive image for yourself and your mind will prepare to make the changes that you desire. This process is very powerful. You’re going to find yourself changing, not just in little subtle ways, but dramatic, exciting and stimulating ways. You will begin to realize that you’ve been given a chance to reinvent yourself and to fulfill all the dreams that you ever had but never did. until now. 31 minutes
Track 1 – Overcoming the Fear of Failure: All of us in some way or another harbor some fear of failure. This process will assist you in removing any fears that keeping you stuck or blocked. You can utilize this process for any aspect of your life, such as career, weight loss, relationships, health, happiness, etc. 30 minutes

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