Easier Child Birth with Self Hypnosis Techniques CD



Track 1 – Child Birthing Cycle: In this hypno birthing process is designed to prepare your mind for the child birthing cycle. Some women are fearful of labor or the sounds you may hear in the hospital of other women experiencing labor pains. I became fearful of the sounds I heard when I was in the hospital waiting to deliver my daughter. This CD allows you to embrace the birthing process and allow your body to release and let go. There is time for contraction and a time for letting go. You will release and welcome the process. This CD will make your labor experience much shorter and less painful. 30 minutes
Track 2 – Child Birth Time Distortion and Dissociation: This hypno birthing process is designed for when you are ready to have your baby. You will understand that tension and fear breed pain and you no longer feel any tension, anxiety or fear, therefore you do not experience any pain with childbirth. Childbirth is natural and easy. This process will assist you in achieving just that. 29 minutes

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