Finding Your Inner Child Self Healing with Guided Imagery (Female Voice) CD



Track 1 – Finding Your Inner Child: This audio recording guided imagery process will take you down a staircase and there will be someone there to meet you…a small child will there to meet you. This will be your inner child. You will reach down and pick up your inner child, holding him/her in your arms. You will talk to that child and express your feelings. You will feel the unconditional love and acceptance, as you absorb that child into your being. 30 minutes
Track 2 – A Guided Exploration of Heavy Afflictive Emotional States: This meditation allows you to lighten the load of heavy emotion, dissolving the threatening solidity of these different states of self, by examining one by one their incremental composition in the mind/body. The quality of exploration cultivated in this meditation allows you to relate to these states instead of from them. You are exploring layer by layer without judgment and letting it go. 28 minutes

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