Freedom from Guilt using Self Hypnosis Suggestions CD



Track 1 – Guilt Complex: You will allow your mind to drift back to the very first time you felt those feeling of guilt and you be able to change them. You will eliminate the feelings of being ashamed, letting someone down, and being humiliated, which have been a great weight bearing down on you. You will also no longer allow people to bring out feeling of pity, which can make you feel guilty. You will be able to forgive yourself and move on with your life in a positive manner. 30 minutes
Track 2 -Freedom from Guilt: In this self hypnosis process you will imagine a beautiful pool of water. You will walk into the water and allow the water to cleanse your mind and body from all the old guilt’s. You will no longer allow others to dictate values to you. You will develop your own intelligence, your own abilities, your own talents,and recognizing that you have a set of values of your own. You will no longer allow others around you to impose their values or belief on you. You will have the strength to follow through on your own convictions, your priorities, your feelings, and your values. 27 minutes

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