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Guided Meditation for Healing CD



Track 1 – Guided Meditation for Healing: This healing process continues as a direct entrance of awareness into the sensations in the area calling for healing. Investigation heals and you are letting go of any suffering. Opening to the immensity, allows in healing which goes beyond even cure. In this process, healing uncovers the heart. 32 minutes
Track 2 – Healing into the Body Meditation: This healing into the body meditation allows a healing awareness to explore the body. Like any healing meditation it is a  rehabilitation of mercy and awareness into deserted areas of the body/mind. Using this meditation may clear the body of long held pains. A softening of ancient hardness. It fills the dead spots with a new aliveness. It allows direct contact with the life-force. This practice of flooding the body with a healing awareness, refined by mercy and self-forgiveness, allows direct reception of sensation. 30 minutes

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