Harm Help Self CD



Track 1 – Stop Pushing People Away: This process is designed for people who have been finding that they have been using the self-destructive strategy of pushing people out of their life the moment it seems they are getting “too close”. Some people do this by getting angry with them all the time or being chronically unreliable, so that eventually that person will “give up on you” and no longer seek contact. Or if you constantly “end it” with others before they have a chance to walk away from you, then this track is for you. 30 minutes
Track 2 – Stop Self Harming: The first thing you will do is some imagination to help you see things from someone else’s perspective. You will be able to make an important realization as you start to put your life into perspective. You will be able to start appreciating yourself more and be able to accept yourself-letting go some problems in the past and present. You will draw on your own strength and find your own inner healing resources. Allowing you to be more confident, happier and calmer. 30 minutes

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