Having a Healthy Pregnancy and Birth with Hypno-Birthing Suggestions CD



Track 1 – Sustaining a Healthy Pregnancy: This hypno birthing process is designed to assist any one who has many worries and concerns. This process will reinforce some of the precautions you should be taking, as well as helping you to relate to your unborn baby. You want to ensure that all the conditions are perfect for a smooth delivery and healthy baby. This CD is good for anyone that is concerned about the different stages in your babies development as well as relaxing into the idea of motherhood. 29 minutes
Track 2 – Anxiety Overcoming: This hypno birthing process will give you the tools you need to release anxiety quickly. You can use these tools at work or at home. You will learn that you can relax your body whenever you feel fear or panic. You will be able to breathe deeply and calmly. You will learn to regulate your breathing, and then slowly let go, while at the same time telling yourself to feel calm and relaxed. 30 minutes

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